Samsung M5 smart monitor easily transitions from work to play

If your television is already smart, with streaming service apps and other features, why wouldn’t your computer monitor be?

Samsung has launched a new line of smart monitors – among them, the 27-inch M5 model, which Tilt has tested in recent days.

In addition to the above features, it also comes with built-in speakers and cellular connectivity. The idea is that it becomes a “wild card”: wirelessly connected to a keyboard or mouse, it becomes a computer; a console becomes a gamer monitor; and to wi-fi, a smart tv.

This easy transition from working hours to leisure time has an explanation: Samsung is targeting precisely the public that migrated to the home office during the pandemic. But, for R$ 2,099 (on the manufacturer’s website), the M5 can be a great option even for those who just want a recent smart TV at a more affordable price.

Working without a PC is as good as a home office

I was convinced how useful a smart monitor would be in my life when I discovered that I could access Microsoft 365 documents (Word, Excel and the like) directly on it.

You see, I’m more of a Google Docs person. Still, being able to simply connect a keyboard and mouse to edit a document is much more practical than turning on a notebook or PC just for that.

The experience would be better if the M5 had a good browser, but maybe that would be asking too much. For more complex work, I connected my notebook via HDMI.

Samsung M5 smart monitor, 27 inches - Disclosure/Samsung - Disclosure/Samsung
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

shone on streaming

The M5 comes with a remote control exactly like Samsung’s latest TV models. The idea is, again, that the user does not need to connect any other device and can carry out his tasks with a few clicks.

Downloading and using streaming services is as convenient as on any smartphone: just search for the platform you want in the app store, install, log in and watch.

If you’re like me, who finds it a lot of work to connect your notebook to a non-smart TV, it can make your life a lot easier.

That, of course, if you don’t mind watching your series and movies on a relatively smaller screen. The 27 inches is better suited for your “office” side, where people tend to sit closer to the monitor.

On the other hand, for those who want the “fun” side, the full HD resolution, 1920×1080, does not distort the screen and the brightness is automatically adjusted. Being able to see dark series with the darkest photography (hello, Resident Evil!) without difficulties.

To play is another story

I expected the M5 to come with the Gaming Hub feature, which Samsung launched in June for its 2022 smart TVs. It would be much easier to download the Xbox app and play right there, but unfortunately not everything is perfect.

To play, you need to connect your console, PC or notebook via HDMI. It’s nothing that gets in the way seriously, but I got used to it after testing the excellent QN90B gaming TV.

Worth the purchase?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bigger monitor to work or study, or just the functionality of a smart TV in a more compact screen: the M5 is well suited to both audiences.

Now, if you want to use the monitor to play games, however, be warned: there are other models on the market with a higher resolution rate.

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