São Paulo intends to accept a proposal to sell Igor Gomes; understand

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The soap opera involving São Paulo and midfielder Igor Gomes for a contract renewal is far from over. Being able to sign with any club, from the end of October, sources linked to the club admit accepting “any offer” by the athlete.

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This information comes at a delicate moment in the renewal, as the athlete would have asked for a high price to renew with Tricolor.

Soon after that, “Lance” found that Botafogo waits until October to make a new proposal for the athlete.

That’s because, the player will be able to sign with any club in this period without any kind of financial compensation for São Paulo.

The São Paulo board, understanding the scenario, warned the athlete’s managers that they can bring proposals for an early departure in the same way as with striker Jonas Toró.

Where he was released to defend Panathinaikos, from Greece, in exchange for 30% of the athlete’s rights for São Paulo.

Shortly after the game against Flamengo, the midfielder was booed by the crowd and coach Rogério Ceni came out in defense of the athlete.

They are players who last year saved the team from relegation and who collaborate in the best possible way. I don’t think the fan has any ill will. He’s coming, putting 40, 50 thousand people per game. And I think that at the moment you are losing a game, only players who score are not at risk of being booed. People have a greater connection with them” said the coach.

Factors that hinder Igor Gomes

In an interview, the coach also pointed out that external factors help to hinder the athlete’s performance and the relationship with the fans.

They are boys, they do a good job and they help us as best they can. You can go through situations like I said in other interviews here. Sometimes he’s not in a great moment, but I think he’s a guy who left everything for the club. There is a lot of psychological influence. They say “ah, Igor Gomes wants to earn the salary I don’t know what…” Sorry, I don’t even know how much the salary is. I don’t know if this is true or not.” reinforced Rogério Ceni.

Care for Cotia players

Finally, the coach also spoke about the way he motivates athletes who have come from the basic categories so that they can play their best football.

The important thing is that they have a good head, don’t give up. We won’t give up on anyone until the end of the year, especially the players who end the year here, if no one else leaves for some proposal”, concluded Rogério Ceni

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