Shopee: Users Complain About Lack of Free Shipping in 8.8

THE shopee is carrying out today (08) the 8.8 promotion, which brings great discounts on application products. However, some users were disappointed by one factor of the trade event: the discount coupons.

For the promotion, the company reduced the minimum price of free shipping for purchases over R$ 19. On Twitter, some customers complained about the benefit, as they expected a lower purchase limit to receive free delivery.

In addition to free shipping coupons for purchases over $19, Shopee is also offering other benefits during 8.8. The e-commerce is distributing discount coupons on purchases with zero shipping on some purchases over R$10 — however, the offers are limited.

According to Shopee, 8.8 promotions include the distribution of R$ 5 million in discount coupons to users. The company will also be hosting a live stream today at 7pm to highlight some offers.

With rapid growth in Brazil, Shopee is currently the largest e-commerce app in the country, according to the Panorama Mobile Time/Opinion Box survey. It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the company has received criticism because of discount coupons. In June, some customers also used social networks to complain about the end of free shipping on the platform.

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