Strategic bridge in Kherson under attack again

Ukrainian forces attacked a major bridge in Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine occupied by Russian troops, in the early hours of Monday, announced the Kiev authorities.

“What a night for the occupiers of the Kherson region. Attacks in the Antonovski bridge area,” regional deputy Sergei Khlan said on Facebook.

The spokeswoman for the southern command of the Ukrainian army, Natalia Gumeniuk, confirmed the bombings.

Map Russia invades Ukraine - 26.02.2022 - Arte UOL - Arte UOL
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“The fire control we developed several days ago is working. The impacts are considerable on both the Antonovski and Kakhovski bridges,” he said.

The Antonovski Bridge is strategic for supplying the city, as it is the only one connecting the south bank of the Dnieper River with the rest of the occupied region of Khersonn.

On 27 July, Ukrainian bombing partially destroyed the bridge.

Kherson, capital of the region of the same name, is a few kilometers from the battlefront, where Ukrainian forces have been announcing for several weeks a counteroffensive to try to recover territories lost in the first days of the Russian invasion.

The region is strategic, as it represents the boundary with the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Moscow in 2014. By occupying Kherson, Russia managed to link the two territories.

The occupation authorities plan to organize a referendum to annex Kherson and the neighboring region of Zaporizhzhia.

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