The Lisbon earthquake: the disaster that changed history and led to reflections on the role of God

Earthquake in Lisbon (1755), painting by João Glama (1708-1792)

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Earthquake in Lisbon (1755), painting by João Glama (1708-1792)

“Never was a morning more beautiful than that of the 1st of November,” wrote the Reverend Charles Davy in 1755, one of the many foreigners who lived in Lisbon.

“It was a metropolis, the capital of a world colonial empire that stretched from Africa (with Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde), through Asia (with Goa and Macau), and, of course, to Latin America (with Brazil)” , said Vic Echegoyen, author of the historical novel resuscitate.

“Portugal was a very, very rich kingdom thanks to the riches of these colonies,” added the writer in conversation with BBC Reel.

“Lisbon was a very attractive sight for first-time visitors,” said Edward Paice, author of The Wrath of God – The Incredible Story of the Earthquake that Devastated Lisbon in 1755 (Record/2010), to BBC Witness.

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