“To sign…”; Lyon accepts to pay money ‘truck’ for Victor Hugo and values ​​’scare’ the flamenguistas


Midfielder has been “filling” the eyes of all football fans

- Victor Hugo
© Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF– Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo he is a player who stands out in Flamengo, “fills” the eyes of the fans and all football lovers. He has skill explosion, good handling with the ball and demonstrates a lot of tactical intelligence. He’s only 18, but he looks like a field veteran. It’s not by chance that it “jumped” the queue in Dorival Júnior’s list of options and has been widely used in the Brazilian Championship.

Over the weekend, information emerged that the Lyon, from France, is interested in signing the midfielder. The news was first passed by the journalist Filipe Frossard Papini: “Taking advantage of the game break for information. Via @BrasiLyonnais, I had an off-line conversation with people linked to Lyon who assured: if the club sells Paquetá in this window, the team will immediately treat young Victor Hugo, from Flamengo as a priority for replacement”, said the communicator.

The flamengo direction knows that it will be very difficult to hold him for a long time. The boy’s talent is impressive. On the other hand, the leaders understand that, if it is to be negotiated soon, it needs to be for very high money. The news at the moment is that Lyon has values ​​of approximately 35 million euros (R$ 183.3 million at the current price). The offer still needs to be officially presented to Mengão for an eventual sale to be really debated. The business should “heat up” due to the fact that Paquetá has asked to be sold through a good proposal. The French already want to have a “cocked” replacement.

Lyon’s directors are willing to invest heavily for all the potential that Victor Hugo shows, despite his young age. The carioca club is supported by the long contract (goes until 2027) and a termination fine of 100 million euros (R$ 524 million at the current price).

Of course, the fine is an artifice to keep the most talented players, but Flamengo usually sells its athletes very well. The most expensive was Vinicius Júnior, traded to Real Madrid, in 2018, for the trifle of 45 million euros. The Mais Querido base was highly valued in the eyes of Europeans.

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