Training week does not result in Botafogo’s evolution in the draw with Ceará

The American John Textor preferred to go to Rio de Janeiro to watch the duel of his Botafogo against Ceará to accompany Crystal Palace, also owned by him, in the Premier League. He only changed countries, because both in England and in Nilton Santos the experiences were frustrating. While the British club lost 2-0, the white-and-white carioca was in a 1-1 draw that did not make anyone happy at the stadium. At least, the businessman could check closely the dissatisfaction of the crowd, which is still waiting for an evolution.

The team was not spared the boos and shameless screams. The reaction is understandable. After all, the fans’ suffering seems to have no end. In the last 17 games, Botafogo has four wins, two draws and 11 defeats. Amid so many setbacks, he can’t get out of the bottom half of the Brazilian’s table. Now it adds up to 25 points and can see the Z-4 ​​approaching after the round’s completion.

— (Boo) It doesn’t hurt, it’s part of it. But we ran like hell. When he doesn’t run, he deserves the boos. But we will have to work harder and win the next game anyway – said defender Philipe Sampaio, in a response that delivers the pressure felt by the players.

Luís Castro will have another full week to train Botafogo. The next appointment will only be next Saturday, against Atlético-GO, again at Nilton Santos.

But having had a week to work doesn’t seem to have made much difference compared to the previous game (defeat for Corinthians). Botafogo had a lot of difficulty to create and depended on the individual plays of two players in particular: Lucas Fernandes and, mainly, Jeffinho. The goal that opened the scoring came in the aerial play, with defender Victor Cuesta deflecting the ball raised in the area, at 8 minutes.

But without the ball, the team had even more problems. It oscillated between a low mark that gave the ball too much for Ceará to exchange passes (the rival finished with 60% of possession and 16 shots against 11) and a pressure in the front that, due to the lack of organization, left a hole in the middle. To complete, the defense offered many spaces in the back.

The northeast team also tied in the aerial ball, at 4 of the second half. In a corner kick, Mendoza was free in the small area to finish the ball deflected on the first post. And the comeback just didn’t come out thanks to Gatito’s defenses and wasted chances in front of goal.

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