Unanswered message? WhatsApp wants to eliminate the problem

WhatsApp is always innovating in features on its platform. This time, the app launched a new tool to make content more organized. In fact, the feature promises to do away with the problem of unanswered messages.

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It will soon be possible to easily view new and unread conversations. Thus, users will be able to identify them and respond more quickly. Understand the information in the text that follows below.

Discover the new WhatsApp function for messages

The information was released by the portal specialized in the messenger, WABetaInfo. WhatsApp filters, according to the information, are already under development for Android and iOS, for example, but only in the beta version – intended exclusively for testing.

The purpose of the new function is to separate conversations within the app by categories, that is, filters. Thus, it tends to be easier and more organized navigation by the users of the platform. This helps alleviate the choking of crowded message boxes in groups or direct conversations.

WhatsApp message filters: how will they work?

Some demo images were released by the messenger news site. In them you can get a sense of how WhatsApp filters will work. It will be possible to separate unread conversations, messages from contacts, from numbers that are unknown or from groups, for example.

Unlike what happens in WhatsApp Business, the new filters will be available to be accessed from the main screen of the app. That way, you won’t have to create a new search to find what you’re looking for.

When will the filters be released by WhatsApp?

Initially, the feature can be used in WhatsApp for Windows in an experimental way, already with the filters on the program’s initial screen. However, not all the company’s testers have access released to check out the news.

Now WhatsApp is expected to release the filters for the beta versions of Android and iOS as well. There is no announced date for the official launch aimed at the entire user base of the company. However, WhatsApp filters should soon arrive permanently.

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