Uncontrollable fire hits third oil tank in Cuba and further compromises the situation

Tragedy has already left one dead, 122 injured, 16 missing and 4,000 homeless; Venezuela and Mexico sent special teams to help in an attempt to control the fire.

YAMIL LAGE / AFPfire in cuba
Authorities continue fighting fire at fuel depot in Cuba

An uncontrollable fire that breaks out in a fuel storage depot in western Cuba, since Friday, 5, extended to another oil tank this Monday, 8, informed the governor of the province, Mario Sabines. “The third tank also collapsed, after fuel leaked from the second and further compromised the situation overnight,” Sabines told state television. The fire started on Friday when lightning struck one of the tanks at the depot located on the outskirts of Matanzas, about 100 kilometers east of Havana. The Cuban presidency requested help and advice from friendly countries with experience in the oil issue and had a quick response. Venezuela and Mexico sent special teams to try to control the fire. You United States offered technical advice, President Miguel Díaz-Canel said on Twitter.

On Monday, authorities remained at the scene to fight the fire after a large explosion was recorded. According to the latest assessments, the incident, which resulted in flames that rose to tens of meters, happened due to the collapse of the second warehouse affected by the flames. Several army helicopters are spraying water taken from the sea at the site of the flames, to try to contain the fire. According to a first official bulletin, three people were injured as a result of the strong explosion that occurred in the last few hours. So far, since the fire in the warehouses started, one person has died, 122 have been injured and 16 are missing. Most of those being sought are firefighters, who were surprised by the explosion in the second warehouse, when they were acting to control the flames of the first. The Cuban government said that the attempt to locate it will not be possible until the fire is extinguished. In addition, more than 4,000 people were displaced in the towns of Matanzas, which are close to the industrial park where the fuel depots are located.

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