Venê Casagrande brings backstage at Flamengo that can confirm medallion exit in advance and name draws the attention of the Nation


The experienced player has not even entered the roster

Photo: Playback/Youtube |  Venê revealed high cost of the player
Photo: Playback/Youtube | Venê revealed high cost of the player

The history of Flamengo with Diego Alves is gaining its last chapters, that’s because the red-black club should not renew the contract with the experienced 37-year-old goalkeeper with whom it has a bond until the end of the year. According to information released by journalist Venê Casagrande, there is a possibility that the player will leave the club early.

“Here’s the thing: he won’t stay in 2023 at Flamengo. The question is whether he will leave before December when he ends his contract or not. Flamengo tries an alternative, waits and hopes for an official proposal by the goalkeeper for Flamengo to negotiate with the player. But so far, people from Flamengo assure me that no official proposal has come to the Club, if it has reached the player, the Club does not know.”, said the journalist on his YouTube channel.

Venê also revealed that the reason for Flamengo’s rush to negotiate the player would be the high cost that the goalkeeper represents to the carioca club. “ The fact is that Diego Alves has become a high cost, currently it is a terrible cost-benefit since he earns at least R$ 430 thousand per month, at least that was what people at Flamengo assured me, that the monthly cost with Diego Alves is R$ 430,000, that is, it is a high monthly cost on Flamengo’s payroll,” he continued.

The journalist also highlighted the fact that the archer is not even being related. “A very high cost for a player that is no longer being leveraged, he is not even related anymore. You can notice that Flamengo does not disclose the reason, nor does it talk about the absence of the player. People from Flamengo assure me that recently he felt pain again in the pubic area, where he felt the muscle pain recently, that he was out of the field for a long time and because of that he is no longer being related”, he pointed out. Venê that he still punctuated the good moment lived by Santos and Hugo Souza whom he labeled a “promising young man”.

Venê also concluded by reinforcing Flamengo’s respect for the history built by the player at the club. “Flamengo’s board of directors has the greatest respect for him, he is an idol in the club’s history, but understands that the time has come to break this bond, to break this story and therefore he will say goodbye to Flamengo soon.”, he highlighted.

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