Wife hires three lovers for her husband for R$ 2 thousand in Thailand

A Thai woman identified as Pattheema Chamnan, 44, is looking for three lovers for her husband. For the service of the mistresses, she is willing to pay salaries equivalent to R$ 2,200.

To the British tabloid The Mirror, the woman told that she faces mental health problems and, therefore, cannot satisfy her husband sexually. “I haven’t slept with my husband. It makes me feel like a terrible wife,” lamented Pattheema.

“I want to find lovers for my husband as I am struggling physically. I have chronic depression and I feel like I can’t take good care of him,” she said.

To apply for the job, women must have a university degree, not have children, be single, be presentable, communicate well, have a good personality, be fun, be willing to please him physically.

“I didn’t want to, but I won’t deny it”

Pattagorn, the woman’s husband, said he had no idea his wife was soliciting lovers for him. “She told me she wanted to find someone to take care of me. I got scared. I never wanted to have a mistress, but since my wife is offering it, I won’t turn it down.”

Despite seeming an unusual position, Pattheema revealed that she already has two candidates. In addition to the value, equivalent to a minimum wage in Thailand, the chosen ones will be “treated like family” and work in the couple’s company, on the Thai coast.

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