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James Brolin made his animated feature film debut after a nearly 60-year career in film and television as the voice of the evil Emperor Zurg in Pixar’s latest film, Light-year. While many animated films have featured celebrity voice acting in the past, it’s the kind of challenge that not every actor has been able or even willing to take on.

Other acting legends also waited until later in life to portray an animated character, like Harrison Ford in The Secret Life of Pets 2, but there are still many stars of legendary status who have yet to make the leap into voice acting in theatrical animation. Some have come close in the past, while others have simply never had the opportunity.

of dramas like American Beauty even comic book movies like captain marvel, Annette Bening’s seemingly effortless ability to disappear into a role earned her four Oscar nominations and recognition as one of the all-time greats. Her remarkable talent and subtle acting style have certainly helped her to form a pretty legendary resume.

Whether it’s because he never had the opportunity or just a legitimate lack of interest, Bening hasn’t made any attempt at voice acting before. With her level of versatility, however, if there’s anyone who could do a voiceover performance with no prior experience, it would certainly be her.

In a career spanning nearly three decades, Viola Davis has managed to maintain the quality of her work much longer than most other actors. With a variety of film roles ranging from fences for The Suicide Squadshe brings a powerful intensity and high charisma to each of her characters that at times can even surpass the performances of her co-stars.

With such a resonant voice, some might find it hard to believe that Davis has done almost nothing in the realm of animation, with his only attempt being an appearance on the Disney animated series. Sofia the First. Given the passion of his past performances, any attempt at dubbing for a larger production would be a welcome addition to fans.

With his talent for accents and sarcastic sense of humor, Robert Downey Jr. is much more than just a Marvel superhero. having done the Iron Man video game and guest star in Family manhe’s also no stranger to voice acting, but has yet to take it to the next level with a full-length movie.

Downey Jr. almost got that opportunity when it was originally set to voice Mr. Peabody in Dreamworks’ Mr. Peabody and Sherman, but her schedule with Marvel Studios got in the way and she was replaced by Ty Burrell. Given that he has been considered one of the best Family man guest stars, he clearly has a talent for voice acting and is one that definitely deserves to be used again, ASAP.

With his iconic scowl and gruff demeanor, Clint Eastwood has built a true legacy as one of Hollywood’s most revered tough guys. Over the past 60 years, the living movie legend has amassed four Oscars and over 80 film credits, but no voice acting experience.

Eastwood shifted his primary focus from acting to directing in the later years of his career, and given the work he’s done over the past decade, he doesn’t seem too interested in acting in films where he doesn’t have any creative input. A role in an animated film seems highly unlikely for him at this point, but the idea itself is certainly intriguing.

Denzel Washington has been considered one of the most influential actors of the last 40 years, and with his talents, he has virtually redefined the art form of acting as a whole. With his undeniably powerful and demanding presence, it’s nearly impossible for the audience to look away from any of his iconic and legendary performances.

He may have one of the most recognizable voices in all of Hollywood, but Washington has yet to apply it to any animated film. While his famous acting physicality would be absent from the animation, there’s no doubt that an actor like him would still give a phenomenal performance, even with just his voice.

From action movies like Mission Impossible franchise even musicals like Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise proved to be a jack of all trades. It might be hard to believe that one of the highest-grossing movie stars of all time has never been in an animated movie before, but somehow, Cruise has yet to add one to his resume.

The closest he came to doing this was in 2015, with his use of his archival audio as Ethan Hunt for the Lego version of the character in the video game, Lego dimensions. Mainstream audiences might love watching Tom Cruise’s best stunts, but seeing him try something as different and unexpected as voicing an animated character would no doubt pique the interest of his fans.

Having won three “Best Actor” Oscars, Daniel Day-Lewis has earned an undeniable legacy as one of the most respected and acclaimed performers in film history. As an intensely dedicated method actor, there have been times when Day-Lewis has taken method acting to the extreme, so he has been quite selective with his career, having only made two films in the last decade.

Given the extreme methods behind his past performances, it can be challenging for him to try to translate that same dedication into standing behind a mic, but there’s no doubt that any attempt to do so would be interesting to see. Having retired from acting since 2017, however, with his latest film being the Paul Thomas Anderson drama Ghost Topicthe chances of him getting the opportunity to try his hand at voice acting are almost non-existent.

With the intensity of his performances in films like dog day afternoon and scarface, Al Pacino is an actor who could easily handle starring in an animated film. While he hasn’t officially done it yet, that prospect almost came to fruition when he was originally cast as the villainous El Macho in Despicable Me 2.

During the film’s late post-production, Pacino dropped out due to creative differences, despite his character being fully voiced and animated, and the role was voiced by Benjamin Bratt. While it remains to be seen whether audio of him will be leaked to the public or if he will have a similar opportunity again, it’s still fun to imagine what his performance would have been like.

Among a group of actors who have never made a sequel, Jodie Foster can also be found among those who have not participated in any animated film. Despite her previous work at Disney and her fair share of family roles, most of her film career has consisted solely of acting on camera.

She landed a guest starring role in the simpsons in 2009, but Foster hasn’t seen himself doing anything remotely similar to it since. Even though she’s become highly selective with her acting roles in recent years, she still might not be completely out of the realm of being able to voice another animated character in the future, especially if the right script comes along.

Having worked with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and playing a wide variety of characters, Leonardo DiCaprio has one of the most impressive filmographies in film history. It took him decades to finally win an Oscar, but it took even longer for him to make any attempt at voice acting.

DiCaprio has come close a few times in the past: he would have been considered to voice Ashitaka in the English dub of Princess Mononoke and was a favorite for Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians, but none of them worked. Whatever his next opportunity for an animated film is and whenever it comes, moviegoing audiences can only hope he can fully commit to it.

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