10 remarkable fathers in the history of cinema to watch on streaming

O Father’s Day in 2022 fall in the next Sunday, August 14. O Estadão separated some roles that marked the relationship between parents and children on movie screens throughout history for you to remember or watch on streaming platforms.

‘King Richard: Raising Champions’ (2021)

The film portrays the rise of sisters Venus and Serena Williams in the tennis world through the eyes of Richard Williams, the girls’ father who outlined an ambitious career plan for them since they were born. In addition to the physical effort and lack of structure to train, the family often had to attend tennis clubs and tournaments where they were the only black people.

The performance earned Will Smith his first Oscar for best actor. King Richard was also nominated for Best Picture of the Year.

Available to watch on HBO Max.

‘Life Is Beautiful’ (1997)

Guido is an Italian Jew who has just been sent to a Nazi concentration camp with his son, Giosué. There, he makes every effort in the world to make his son think that they are participating in a great competition, in which whoever has the most points will receive a prize. Between comedy and sadness, the feature received the Oscar for best foreign film (in competition with Central do Brasil) and Roberto Benigni the Oscar for best actor.

Available to watch on YouTube (paid).

‘Bicycle Thieves’ (1948)

De Sica’s neorealist classic tells the story of an unemployed man whose bicycle is stolen – but he needs it to get a job. In the end, he makes a desperate decision. In the poignant outcome, Enzo Staiola, who plays the son, holds Lasmberto Maggiorani’s hand firmly, like a defeated father. The boy’s gaze towards the spectator is worth a social manifesto.

Available to watch on YouTube.

‘2 Sons of Francisco’ (2005)

The plot shows the beginning of the trajectory of Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, one of the most successful country duos in Brazil. The title refers to Seu Francisco, who supported the boys’ musical dreams. In one of the most memorable scenes, he spends hours calling from a pay phone, using several different identities, to ask for the song É o Amor to be played on a local radio station. Francisco Camargo died in November 2020.

Available to watch on Globoplay.

‘Finding Nemo’ (2003)

When the little clownfish Nemo gets lost and ends up in an aquarium in a Sydney dentist’s office, his father, Marlin, is willing to cross the ocean to find him. In the company of the forgotten Dory, whom he meets along the way, he crosses paths with sharks, abyssal creatures and more in his quest.

Available to watch on Disney+.

‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (2006)

Another movie based on a true story and starring Will Smith. This time, the script focuses on the life of Chris Gardner, a man who, without money, comes to live on the street with his young son, always trying to make the boy not feel the harshness of life so directly. Subsequently, he became a successful millionaire.

Available to watch on Netflix and HBO Max.

‘A Toy Hero’ (1996)

One of those ‘Afternoon Session classics’ for a few generations: on the eve of a Christmas when every child dreams of a Turbo Man doll, Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger) will do whatever is – and isn’t – around his power to try to get the toy he promised his son.

Available to watch on Disney+ and Apple TV+

‘War of the Worlds’ (2005)

During a weekend with his children, Ray (Tom Cruise) is simply faced with an alien invasion of Earth. With power failures and constant attacks, he has to keep little Rachel (Dakota Fanning), who has panic attacks, and rebellious Robbie (Justin Chatwin) close by, which will prove to be no easy task.

Available to watch on Apple TV+.

‘My Father’ (2020)

Relationships between parents and children are not always the best. In this drama, which shows the point of view of an Alzheimer’s victim, we embark on a universe that we could call, without exaggeration, “Kafkaesque”. That is, that world that, considered normal and stable, suddenly ceases to respond to our expectations and settles into the realm of the absurd. It won the Oscar for best actor for Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant performance.

Available to watch on Apple TV+.

‘The Sun Is For Everyone’ (1962)

Based on Harper Lee’s famous novel about a lawyer defending a young black man accused of raping a white girl. Gregory Peck plays the role, and he won an Oscar for actor. The character, Atticus Finch, for his integrity, was considered the greatest American hero in a recent poll among critics and historians. In one particularly moving scene, he sits his daughter (Mary Badham) on his lap and gives her a lesson in black civil rights. The fight would last throughout the 1960s, but justice was done.

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