After being sent away from Palmeiras, Renan can ‘hide’ abroad: “I have no doubt he…”

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Player starred in car accident that killed motorcyclist Eliezer Pena, under the influence of alcohol

Agif/Marcello Zambrana - Renan wants to leave Brazil after being sent away from Palmeiras
© 1021Agif/Marcello Zambrana – Renan wants to leave Brazil after being sent away from Palmeiras

Last month, player Renan had his vehicle with Palmeiras closed after getting involved on the death of Eliezer Pena, in Bragança Paulista, on the 22nd of July. The player told police that he had ingested gin before driving, which resulted in a charge of manslaughter, when there is no intent to kill. The defender was on loan to Red Bull Bragantino and was seen as a promise from Alviverde.

The São Paulo Justice gave the athlete permission to respond to the trial on parole. Renan’s legal situation prevents him, at first, from leaving the city of São Paulo after killing the driver. However, the athlete’s defense sent a request to the competent body for the return of the defender’s passport, seized by the Federal Policeand permission to leave Brazil.

The mechanism was made after Renan receiving an offer from the Al Jazira football team, from the United Arab Emirates. The information was provided exclusively by SBT Sports Rio, through journalist Venê Casagrande. The Club showed interest in the professional just six days after the incident, on the 28th of July. The Abu Dabhi team was already looking for Brazilian players, and had its eye on Vasco’s Riquelme.

On the web the movement caused revolt in fans. For many supporters, if the request is accepted by the São Paulo Justice, it would be a attitude that tarnishes the institution’s image legal. By killing Eliezer Pena, Renan was frowned upon by the football market in Brazil. The athlete’s lawyers’ justification even uses this argument to ask for release for him to leave Brazil.

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