Application usage time among Brazilians exceeds 5 hours; TikTok leads

It is not news that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the habits of the entire world population, one of which is the time spent in apps (apps). conducted a study analyzing this data and the results are surprising, learn more!

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Pandemic and app usage

Analytics firm, formerly known as App Annie, makes it easy to analyze app data. This same company published a survey with the daily time of use of them in the world, which resulted in an average of 4 hours. Having 13 countries above this average, namely: Australia, Canada, South Korea, United States, Japan, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey; and Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore, which exceed 5 hours.

However, despite the Brazilian spending a lot of time in front of the screens, this result is positive, given that there was a fall. Compared to the result obtained in the second half of 2021, Brazil showed a 5% reduction in daily time, moving away from the average of almost 6 hours a day.

It was expected that with the normalization of routine after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there would be a reduction in the use of applications. However, this was only seen in two other countries besides Brazil, Turkey and Argentina, which showed the same percentage of decline. Countries like Australia and Singapore showed a significant increase of 40%, as well as Canada, which showed a 20% higher consumption.

TikTok leads the ranking

TikTok, famous for its dances, emerged in 2014 as an app for recording dubbing songs, in 2019, the success came with more than 750 million downloads. In the recent ranking, TikTok ranked first for hours spent on apps, followed by YouTube and Tinder, excluding games.

In terms of global downloads, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are at the top of the ranking, followed by WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning Meesho, an Indian commerce application, which had a significant increase in downloads, rising from 12th to 8th place.

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