‘Armed PM intimidates us’, says security at nightclub where fighter was killed – 08/09/2022

The coordinator of the security team at the show where jiu-jitsu fighter Leandro Lo was murdered said he was shaken by the crime in the early hours of Sunday (7) in São Paulo. Moisés Amorim, who has 15 years of experience in surveillance of events, criticized the legal permission of police to enter concert halls and nightclubs with guns.

Military Police Lieutenant Henrique Velozo had his preventive arrest decreed and surrendered on Sunday night, accused of having shot Leandro in the head after a fight at a concert by the pagode band Pixote. Police officers have the right to carry a weapon, even when off duty, authorization given by the 2003 Disarmament Statute.

“The State guarantees the right of them to be armed 24 hours a day, and we, event watchmen, do not have the power to disarm them so that they can access a show, event, bar or nightclub”, says Moisés, who works for KGB Security, a company hired by Clube Sírio to work at the site. “We have two beers and can’t take the car. Why can guys drink a bottle of whiskey with a gun on their hips? Cop or not, that’s wrong.”

The sixth article of the Disarmament Statute states that it is prohibited to carry a firearm throughout the national territory, except for categories listed in article 144 of the Constitution, which includes civil police officers (state and federal) and the military. The Statute says that it is up to the institutions themselves to regulate the carrying of weapons, but guarantees the police the right to carry them even when off duty.

The security coordinator detailed the procedure adopted when an armed person passed through the search at the Pixote show. In these situations, the security team is instructed to write down the user’s name and weapon details. According to witnesses, Leandro and Henrique argued over a bottle of liquor. The fighter immobilized the policeman, who then drew his gun and shot the athlete in the head. Leandro was 33 years old and was a jiu-jitsu world champion. The shooter left the scene after the crime. At the police station, police showed pictures of the men whose names appeared on the security team’s records. That’s how the PM lieutenant was identified.

According to the head of the watchmen that night, it all happened too fast, before they could do anything to stop the riot. But even if they had had time to get to the scene of the fight, the fact that there was an armed man among those fighting could compromise the reaction of the team, all unarmed. On that day, according to Moisés, there were 40 guards and six armed police officers, including military, civilian and federal. Yesterday, delegate José Eduardo Jorge spoke of ten men with weapons.

“This is a problem for us, because an armed police officer inside the house already intimidates those who are not there,” said Moisés. “We, who know he is armed, already feel intimidated. If he drinks, if he throws a glass in the air, takes his shirt off, if he hits someone… a vigilante, who only has a training course and no tactical training specific, how are you going to approach an armed person?”

Leandro Lo - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Leandro Lo, jiu-jitsu fighter, was involved in a fight during a pagode show

Image: Playback/Instagram

It was not the first time that Lieutenant Henrique Velozo was involved in a violent episode while he was off duty at a concert hall. According to the columnist UOL Josmar Jozino, Velozo was sentenced in 2021 by the Military Court of Justice to nine months in prison in an open regime for having disrespected and punched the PM soldier Flávio Alves Ferreira.

Now, however, he will be tried by the common justice, since the crime was committed against a civilian. The so-called “Bicudo Law”, of 1996, transferred the judgment of intentional crimes against life committed by military police against civilians from the military to civil justice.

Upon completion of the police investigation, the Public Ministry will decide whether to file a complaint against Velozo. If the Justice accepts the accusation of intentional homicide, the PM will be tried by the popular jury and can face up to 30 years in prison.

“In the military penal code, there are specifications of penalties and procedures for crimes committed by military personnel. It is the State Military Justice that makes the judgment of these crimes. for a futile reason. He will be tried by the jury court, and not by the military justice”, clarified criminal lawyer Leonardo Serra. “Why does this happen? In 2017, there was a legislative change that altered article 9, paragraph 1, of the military penal code itself. From then on, all intentional crimes committed against life, whether by military police in the exercise of their function or not, will be the competence of the jury. The entire investigation will be conducted by the civil police themselves, not the military”, he concluded.

“The competence to try the military police officer accused of the crime is in fact the common justice, because he committed a willful crime against the life of a civilian”, explained criminal lawyer Eric Trotte. “Under Article 125 of the Federal Constitution, even if he were in service, according to the already pacified understanding of the courts, the competence would also be of the Common Justice and the Jury Court, regardless of whether he is in the functional exercise or not.”

After the arrest was ordered, Lieutenant Henrique Velozo surrendered to the Military Police internal affairs unit in São Paulo, was heard and sent to the Romão Gomes prison. In addition to the Civil Police investigation, Henrique is also the subject of an administrative investigation by the PM. Fátima Lo, Leandro Lo’s mother, said that Henrique already knew her son, as the policeman also trained jiu-jitsu.

The report sought information about Henrique Velozo’s defense from those responsible for the investigation, but received no response. The content will be updated once the defense is found.

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