Boeing abandoned behind ‘wall’ becomes tourist spot in Indonesia

A Boeing 737 abandoned in the middle of a quarry in Bali, Indonesia, has become a point of attraction for the curious on the outskirts of Pandawa beach, well known for its crystal clear and “secret” waters, hidden in a mountainous area.

The practically intact aircraft is in an open area, with a ladder attached to one of its access doors, facilitating the entry of the curious.

Some residents claim that it was taken to the site in pieces and reassembled at the behest of a businessman, who would have intended to readap the structure for the operation of a restaurant, according to the Daily Mail tabloid.

Even though its presence is known among the locals, onlookers who want to get to the abandoned plane usually rely on the help of guides, as it is in an area of ​​difficult access, hidden by a rocky wall and a “barrier” of trees. and cargo containers.

Although the origin of the aircraft is a mystery, it is not the only one of its kind that serves as a tourist attraction in Bali. Six kilometers from Kuta beach, one of the best known on the island, another Boeing is installed next to a branch of the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shop.

As in the case of the other Boeing, no one knows for sure when the plane was installed on the ground, but there are records that indicate that it has been there since 2007. In addition, in 2018, its structure served as a location for events, which did not have details released.

boeing two - Playback/Google Street View - Playback/Google Street View

Boeing next to Dunkin’ Donuts cafe in Bali once served as an event location

Image: Reproduction/Google Street View

A third “retired” aircraft can also be visited by tourists atop a cliff over Nyang-Nyang beach. It was installed on the site in 2021 at the initiative of Russian businessman Felix Demin, who lives in Bali and said he hoped the novelty would revitalize the tourist sector in the region after the covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview with AFP, given at the time of the attraction’s opening, the entrepreneur said that the aircraft’s carcass would be sold to Chinese buyers, as scrap. But in the end, he managed to get through the business and fly the plane in parts up the cliff, in a week-long transport job.

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