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Luiz Mello, in fact, is in Campinas to watch the game against Ponte Preta, at 8:30 pm this Tuesday, at Moisés Lucarelli. The executive will be more involved in the day to day of football from now on.

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Luiz Mello was announced by 777 as CEO of SAF — Photo: Francisco Medeiros/Disclosure

Vasco’s vice-presidents say they learned of Luiz Mello’s formalization as SAF’s CEO through the official announcement of the 777, last Monday. To ge, one of them summarized that the feeling was of “revolt and hatred”. On the same day, they made a move to hand over the positions to the president of the club.

Jorge Salgado was informed by the American group hours before the announcement and, after meeting with the VPs, sought out 777 to show his dissatisfaction. The move slowed the departure of the VPs. The president, according to allies, felt betrayed by the CEO, claimed he did not find the situation ethical and asked for the decision to be reviewed. There is, therefore, the expectation that the company will go back and keep Luiz Mello only during the transition period.

But that must not happen. 777 understands that it does not need Vasco’s endorsement to appoint the executives who will head the SAF, and that Luiz Mello did a good service as the club’s CEO, which has no decision-making power on the matter. Dissatisfaction with Luiz, for example, was not brought to the American group as a condition during the negotiation process.

Check out the information from Vasco straight from Campinas, where the team faces Ponte Preta

Check out the information from Vasco straight from Campinas, where the team faces Ponte Preta

On the side of those who will command the SAF, there is still the understanding that the dissatisfaction comes from an internal political movement, since the power of the club’s vice presidents will be less from now on. 777 sees no conflict of interest in the fact that Luiz Mello continues to work at Vasco, but now as an employee of the company.

The friction will gain a new chapter this Wednesday, when Luiz Mello will be face to face with the VPs at the first transition meeting for the SAF. The CEO will represent 777 and may be joined by Johannes Spors, who holds the position of global director of football. The presence of the German, however, is not yet confirmed.

In a statement on Mondaythe founding partner of 777 Partners, Josh Wander, reinforced his confidence in Luiz Mello and also in Paulo Bracks, announced as sporting director of the SAF.

– The 777 Partners team, specialist in football and business with companies around the world, will work daily to help Vasco return to his true level. We have appointed Luiz Mello as CEO and Paulo Bracks as Sports Director for the day to day of our administration. They are men of integrity, possessing deep knowledge and skill. That’s why they have our full support and trust – wrote Josh.

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Luiz Mello, left, during the AGE that decreed the sale of the SAF to the 777 — Photo: Marcelo Baltar/ge

The relationship between the directors of Vasco and the CEO of SAF, which was no longer the best, is unsustainable. At the AGE itself, Luiz Mello was further away from the VPs at the Calabouço Headquarters, with the exception of the vice president of finance, Adriano Mendes, with whom he lives well at the club.

Ten days before the AGE, three groups from the Mais Vasco support base, owned by President Jorge Salgado, had already they had released a letter in which they said they were “radically opposed to the participation of any executive member of the current management of the club in remunerated activities in the SAF”. The observation referred to CEO Luiz Mello, responsible for negotiating with the 777.

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After being made official as CEO of SAF, the club also informed on Monday that Luiz would be immediately removed from the functions he performed within Vasco.

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