Cheetahs or kittens? Video shows man sleeping clinging to cats

A video of a man sleeping cuddling cheetahs caught attention on social media this weekend. The images, originally published on TikTok and later shared on Twitter, show that the felines are not bothered by the presence of the human in the enclosure — on the contrary, they even sleep cuddling with him, in the best “shelling” style.

“The South African ranger told his bosses that he slept in the cheetah enclosure. They didn’t believe him and set up a camera…”, says the publication. In the comments, several users were delighted with the situation.

Although it has gained prominence now, the scene was originally published in January 2019. The man in the video is not a ranger, but the zoologist dolphin Ç. volker.

He, who calls himself a “great advocate for animals” on his YouTube channel, has been sharing his work with animals for almost ten years.

Nothe video in question, volker does an experiment to answer a question: do cheetahs prefer to sleep on “cold hard concrete or warm pillows with a friend?”

The experiment was carried out in South Africa, with animals raised in captivity during a cold and rainy night. In the publication, the scientist explains: “All are quite docile, as they are prepared for the breeding program. So, when they have offspring, they can be closely monitored.”

volker says he received permission to carry out the experiment alongside wild animals because he saw them growing and, according to him, he developed a close relationship with the cats.

In the images, the zoologist prepares his own bed and lets the cheetahs lie in the enclosure, away from him. At a given moment, one of them gets up, at which time volker makes sounds calling you closer. He narrates that “within a group of cheetahs, there is always a leader. One who is very brave and smart and older in many circumstances.”

The cheetah then approaches Volker and remains within the embrace, while the other two remain on the concrete. “In nature, you want your leaders to be smart and wise in order to survive. One of these subordinates follows the lead of its leader”, narrates Volker, before the others approach and sleep on top of each other.

“Hugging and snuggling is a survival trait for cheetahs and many animals that live together. It’s because you conserve energy by sharing body heat,” explains the zoologist in the video.

One of the animals, the female identified as Juno, decides to sleep even closer to the zoologist. “It looks very peaceful and it is. You just don’t sleep much. When one wakes up, everyone wakes up”, he says, who said he had to make several “adjustments” of position during the night next to the cats.

Volker ends the video of the experiment by answering the question: “Yes, cheetahs are like house cats. They prefer soft, warm blankets, soft pillows, and a warm body. They prefer that to hard concrete. But every reason for this is natural.” , it’s about conserving energy,” he says.

“As for me, I’m the one who benefits the most from the heat exchange. But the biggest reward is them trusting me and sharing the night together.”

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