Children’s dolls ‘scare’ villagers in England – News

A traffic campaign in the village of Stoney Stanton, in Leicestershire, England, ended up scaring pedestrians and drivers passing through the region. In order to warn of speeding on school roads, authorities in the area have placed dolls of children on the sidewalks, but the sculptures are actually scaring everyone who passes by.

The dolls, painted in blue blouses and gray pants, have a lost look and, in some cases, even an air of fear. The combination caused villagers to compare the sculptures to objects from horror movies.

Adults and children pass by the place and always turn their faces to the dolls, which cause different sensations in people, but all of them reflect the discomfort that the objects transmit.

The sculptures, which have been on a street in Stoney Stanton since July 2020, went viral on social media just now. Conceived by the religious Roz Ward, the dolls were named after Billie and Belinda.

For some residents, the presence of the “painted children” becomes a much bigger distraction for drivers than an alert that the place is a school area.

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