Coritiba performances: Thonny Anderson gives assistance after five months; Hernán Pérez debuts against Santos | coritiba

the attacking midfielder Thonny Anderson gave his first assist in the Brazilian Championship in the 2-1 defeat of Coritiba with saints on Monday night, at Couto Pereira, for the 21st round. the center forward Leo Gamalho took advantage and scored his seventh goal in Serie A.

With the defeat, Coxa remains in 15th position, with 22 points, one above the relegation zone. Fortaleza opens the Z-4 ​​with 21 points.

Technical sheet: Coritiba 1×2 Santos
Coritiba forwards the sale of Igor Paixão to Feyenoord

Tony Anderson: the midfielder entered the break, in the vacancy of the late Jesús Trindade, and appeared well 11 minutes later. The player gave a great cross for Léo Gamalho to head with force and equalize. This was Thonny Anderson’s first assist in Serie A. and the fifth of the season in 21 games – the last one took place on March 27, for the state. Note: 6.5

Leo Gamalho: the striker returned to start and scored in the second half after a cross by Thonny Anderson. Well positioned, shirt 9 had space to project the movement in the header that still had a deflection by goalkeeper João Paulo. Léo Gamalho now has 16 goals in 31 matches, seven for the Brasileirão. note: 7.0

Hernan Perez: the Paraguayan striker debuted and started in place of Igor Paixão, with the sale practically certain for Dutch football. He did little in the first half, but finished two dangerously in the second half: a strong kick from outside the area to the goalkeeper’s defense and a header outside. Grade: 6.0

  • Alex Muralha [GOL]: 6.5
  • Matheus Alexandre [LAD]: 5.5
  • (Natanael [LAD]: 5.0)
  • Henrique [ZAG]: 5.5
  • Luciano Castan [ZAG]: 5.5
  • Guilherme Biro [LAE]: 5.5
  • Willian Farias [VOL]: 5.5
  • Bruno Gomes [VOL]: 5.5
  • Jesus Trinity [MEC]: 5.0
  • (Thonny Anderson [MEC]: 6.5)
  • Alef Mango [ATA]: 5.5
  • (Joseph Hugo [ATA]: 5.5)
  • Hernan Perez [ATA]: 6.0
  • (Nathan Mendes [LAD]: 5.5)
  • Leo Gamalho [ATA]: 7.0
  • (Adrián Martínez [ATA]: 5.0)

In the next round, Coritiba receives the Atlético-MG on Sunday, at 11 am, at Couto Pereira.

  • coritiba x Atlético-MG: 08/14, Sunday, 11 am – Couto Pereira (Brazilian)
  • Fluminense x coritiba: 20/08, Saturday, 19h – Maracanã (Brazilian)
  • coritiba x Avail: 27/08, Saturday, 16:30 – Couto Pereira (Brazilian)
  • America-MG x Coritiba: 09/03, Saturday, 20:30 – Independence (Brazilian)

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