Damaged by the arbitration, Botafogo draws with Flamengo in Gávea for the Brazilian Under-17

Damaged doubly by the referee in the second half, the Botafogo tied 1-1 with Flamengo this Tuesday (9), in Gávea, for the second round of the Brazilian Under-17 Championship. Glorioso was four points in the classification of Group B, the same score as rivals, and is one of the leaders.

The first half was all about Flamengo, which only took a while to open the scoring thanks to great saves by the white-and-white goalkeeper Victor Darub. The red-black goal only came out in the 36th minute: Wallace Yan made a low cross from the right and Jonathan finished it in the small area, making it 1-0.

At the beginning of the second stage, Victor Darub returned to save, in submission of Lorran. But after that, Botafogo took over the game. At 7 minutes, Fabiano hit the post. Then Bean kicked dangerously. And the tie came in the 17th minute: Feijão made a good move on the right side, rolled on the bottom and Pedro Wander sent it to the goal, leaving everything equal at 1 to 1.

The match was more open, with chances for Botafogo to turn around, but Glorioso was heavily hampered by the referee. In the 28th minute, Batata invaded the area and was brought down by Lucyan. Judge Yuri Elino da Cruz not only failed to score the penalty, but also expelled the black-and-white striker for complaint. Bizarre. And the game ended in a draw.

next games

Botafogo and Flamengo will face each other again in Gávea, next Saturday (13), at 11 am, for the third round of the Campeonato Carioca Sub-17. For the Brasileirão, Glorioso’s next challenge is next Wednesday (17), at 3 pm, against Ceará, at CT Cidade Vozão, in Itaitinga.


Place: crow’s nest
Date-Time: 8/9/2022 – 3:15 pm
Referee: Yuri Elino Ferreira da Cruz (RJ)
Assistants: Rafael Gomes Rosa (RJ) and Karen Soares Augusto (RJ)
Yellow cards: Pedro Inácio and Iago (FLA); Potato (BOT)
red cards: Iago 43’/2ºT (FLA); Potato 28’/2ºT (BOT)
goals: Jonathan 36’/1st T (1-0) and Pedro Wander 17’/2nd T (1-1)

FLAMENGO: Daniel Alves; Lucyan, Iago, Carbone and Pedro Inácio (Eduardo Gabriel – Intervalo); Vitor Fonseca, Daniel (Claudio Thalis 36’/2ºT) and Lorran (Marcelinho 40’/2ºT); Wallace Yan (Felipe Lima – Halftime), Jonathan (Luan Andrey – Halftime) and Bill (Felipe Vieira 44’/2ºT) – Coach: Leo Ramos.

BOTAFOGO: Victor Darub; Luis Octavio (Bruno Macedo 44’/2ºT), Andrey, Caio (Gadu – Interval) and Pedro Wander; Kauê Leonardo, Oliver (Lucas Vargas – Interval) and Bernardo Valim (Digão 27’/2ºT); Fabiano (Maranhão 44’/2ºT), Potato and Beans (Rocket 47’/2ºT) – Coach: Lucas Batista.

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