Discover the real reason why Ana Lucia and Libby were killed

lost It’s been over for many years, but much of what happened behind the scenes in the series about the passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 is still not generally known to fans.

One of the biggest complaints from fans of the production is the sudden deaths of Libby (Cynthia Wattros) and Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) in the twentieth episode of the second season, which told the story of the survivors from the back of the plane.

Libby and Ana were fatally shot by Michael (Harold Perrineau), that he was coerced into killing them by the Others, people who had already occupied the island before the plane crashed, and who had kidnapped his son.

The justification for the characters’ deaths was misinterpreted by many viewers at the time, due to a not very happy coincidence (via Screen Rant).

A few weeks before the episode aired on May 3, 2006, the two actresses were detained by police on separate occasions, both accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of the scandal, many fans thought that Michelle and Cynthia had been kicked out of the cast because of their legal problems.

Despite the problems with the police, the farewell of the two actresses happened for reasons completely unrelated to their arrest. The truth is that when Michelle Rodriguez signed the contract to participate in the series, she had already stipulated that she would only be part of one season of the attraction, so Ana Lucia’s death was already decided from the beginning.

Character ended up being ‘sacrificed’ as a script gimmick

Cynthia Waltros is Libby in Lost (Reproduction/FOX)
Cynthia Watros is Libby in Lost (Reproduction/FOX)

Libby, unfortunately, ended up being drawn to die as well, due to the reception of the other character. Despite her being the self-appointed ‘leader’ of the plane’s tail group, Ana was very unpopular with the spectators, for his rude and bossy personality, as well as criticism of his performance, which many found exaggerated.

Because of this, the production decided that the death of Libby, who was romantically involved with Hurley, a fan favorite, would have a greater impact among viewers, and would be a more emotional moment.

There’s no denying that the idea worked, as at the time the moment shocked everyone and was much talked about on the series’ fan forums.

lost is available in full on Star+ and not Globoplay.

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