Five braid styles that can’t get out of the heads of celebrities

At box braids emerged thousands of years ago in Namibia, Africa. The technique consists of braiding natural yarns to synthetic fibers, which can be crocheted or jumbo.

In addition to beauty, braids carry a meaning. In certain African communities, the pattern can be indicative of a person’s tribe, marital status, purchasing power, and even religion.

See, below, the braid styles that do not leave the head of the famous:

box braids

Darling of Brazilians and gringas, the box braids are placed with a knot at the root, interweaving the length of the natural threads with the synthetic threads.

color photo of woman wearing braids
Taís Araújo is a fan of box braids

knotless braids

Braids without knots, in free translation, the knotless differ from box braids by the interlacing technique.

In an interview with Glamour, hairdresser Molecia George explained that, in this hair style, the braid is fed with fibers gradually. It starts with the client’s own hair and then the mega hair is introduced. “It’s a more modern way for women who don’t like the knot at the beginning of their braids,” she revealed.

The style won over actresses like Zendaya and Laura Harrier, as well as singer Beyoncé.



Nagô are braided from the root. The style, very close to the scalp, can (and should) form designs on the head.

They are usually made with natural hair. However, depending on the desired fulfillment, synthetic locks come into play.

color photo of woman wearing braids
The American actress Yara Shahidi exudes beauty with the nagos


Considered by trancistas one of the simplest and fastest styles to make, the twist basically consists of twisting two or three strands.

The look creates a look twisted. Easy to make, beautiful to look at!


colored wool braids

In addition to crochet and jumbo, wool is often used to braid hair. The material is cheaper compared to others and has a huge variety of colors.

In short, colored wool braids are perfect for those who like to dare!


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