Flamengo: STJD denounces Gabigol and Arrascaeta for bids in the Copa do Brasil – 08/09/2022

The prosecutor of the Superior Court of Sports Justice reconsidered Athletico’s request and denounced Gabigol and Arrascaeta, from Flamengo, for the entries punished with a yellow card in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil. With this, players can be embezzled in the competition.

Gabigol was framed for assault, in article 254-A of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code (CBJD). If convicted, he could take four to 12 games. Arrascaeta, on the other hand, was denounced for violent play, in article 254, whose penalty ranges from one to six matches.

In the two bids in question, Flamengo players were punished with a yellow card. Gabigol’s kick was on Fernandinho’s steering wheel, while Arrascaeta’s cart hit Erick. Subsequently, the referee of the match, Luiz Flavio de Oliveira, was removed by the CBF.

Initially, the prosecutor had not denounced the players, but the Paraná club insisted on the case. Athletico precisely cited the punishment imposed by the CBF and scored the content of the VAR audios.

The trial of the duo will be on August 16, at the 2nd Disciplinary Commission. The session will be on the eve of the return game for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

The Attorney General’s View

Gabigol was framed in the article with the most serious penalty. For the attorney general, Ronaldo Piacente, responsible for re-examining the news of Athletico’s infraction, the Flamengo striker hits Fernandinho with a kick, disconnected from the match dispute. In the prosecutor’s understanding, Gabigol’s action is intentional, with no possibility of reaching the ball.

As for Arrascaeta, the understanding is that the complaint for violent entry is justified because it is not necessary to injure the opponent with the cart. The Uruguayan hit Erick’s calf.

“It is enough that the action occurs with the use of force incompatible with the standard reasonably expected for the respective modality or reckless or reckless action in the dispute of the play, even without the intention of causing damage to the opponent”, wrote the prosecutor.

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