Government acts behind the scenes and cuts almost 80% of Pix Caminhoneiro beneficiaries

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare concluded that there are 190,000 truck drivers eligible to receive the Pix Caminhoneiro

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This Tuesday (9), the transfer of Pix Truckeiro’s values ​​began. In this way, self-employed professionals are receiving R$ 2 thousand reais this month, which corresponds to the months of July and August. However, from September to December the value will be R$ 1 thousand.

Only 21% of the forecast will be covered

At first, it was estimated by the federal government that Pix Caminhoneiro would include around 900,000 autonomous cargo carriers. However, CNN found, with government sources, that after a fine-tooth comb carried out in the registration of the category, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare concluded that there are 190,000 truck drivers able to receive the aid.

Although the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) register has 900 thousand truck drivers, only 600 thousand are in an active situation. Thus, with the crossing of the data, considering the eligibility criteria to be part of the social program, 190 thousand truck drivers were able to receive the first two installments that are being paid this month, which corresponds to 21% of the total.

Therefore, the other 410 thousand who are active in the ANTT will not receive due to being ineligible.

Data analyzed

Thus, during the fine-tooth comb, information such as:

  • Expired national driver’s license (CNH);
  • Prisoners in a closed regime;
  • Truck drivers who receive social security benefit for permanent disability;
  • Between others.

Who is entitled to Pix Trucker?

In summary, autonomous cargo carriers registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTRC) until May 31, 2022 are entitled to Pix Caminhoneiro.

Thus, regardless of the number of vehicles that the professional has, the monthly payment of the benefit will be R$ 1 thousand. In addition, you will not need to present proof of purchase of diesel oil to access the amount.

In addition, program beneficiaries must have a valid National Driver’s License (CNH) and CPF.

Pix Trucker Calendar – August

Therefore, in all, 6 installments of R$ 1 thousand will be transferred to truck drivers, ending in December. Thus, the deposit will be made in the digital social savings account that can be accessed through the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS).

Portion Payday
1st installment august 9
2nd installment august 9
3rd installment September 24
4th installment October, 22
5th installment November 26th
6th installment December 17th
Source: Ministry of Labor and Welfare

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