How does Nubank mobile insurance work?

Customers who want to protect their smartphone against theft, theft and accidental damage can purchase Nubank’s cell phone insurance. Through the application, it is possible to carry out the entire process, from the simulation to the activation of the insurance.

How does Nubank’s cell phone insurance work?

In summary, when contracting Nubank’s cell phone insurance, the user can activate 24-hour assistance in cases of theft, robbery and accidental damage to their cell phone. Thus, in the event of any of the foreseen coverage situations, it is possible to activate the insurance with the digital bank service and receive a new device.

Therefore, to take out the insurance, you must choose one of the three coverages that the digital bank offers, set a deductible amount and pay an amount every month for the modality. The amount of the deductible is agreed by the customer at the time of contracting and must only be paid if the insurance is activated. However, if it is not triggered within 12 months, it is not necessary to pay the amount.

Three Nubank insurance coverage plans are offered, they are:

  • Theft and robbery – covers simple theft (without violence or evidence), qualified theft (without violence, but with evidence) and robbery (with violence in the theft);
  • Accidental damage – covers accidental problems with the device due to water, oxidation and other liquids;
  • Full coverage – covers all options listed above.

In all three options, the insurance coverage is international.

Monthly fee and grace period

In short, the value of insurance varies according to the model of each cell phone. In this way, to perform the simulation in the Nubank application, simply enter your IMEI, which can be consulted in the device box, and wait to check the monthly fee and the insurance shortage.

There is also the possibility to customize the plan to include coverage for theft and theft, additional damages or both options, at the time of contracting.

In addition, the application offers two franchise options: one, with a higher value and a lower monthly fee; the other franchise with a lower value, but a higher monthly fee.

Check out the simulation made by Canaltech, in the Nubank app. However, the values ​​can be changed at any time. Check out:

device model Coverage for theft and robbery Accidental damage coverage full coverage Franchise
iPhone XR BRL 29.40/month BRL 24.50/month BRL 39.40/month BRL 1,125.00
Redmi Note 10 Pro BRL 16.60/month BRL 13.70/month BRL 22.20/month BRL 600.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe BRL 24.20/month BRL 19.20/month BRL 31.70/month BRL 900.00
Source: Canaltech

For all devices, Nubank’s cell phone insurance has a grace period of 30 days.

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