Intel announces line-up of Arc Pro GPUs for professional use

New hardware arrives with support for ray tracing and machine learning tasks

Intel announced this Monday (8) the launch of new line of Arc Pro GPUs, aimed at professionals who work with tasks that demand high graphic processing power. The first generation of hardware was made to accompany workstations, also having a variation to be used in laptops.

The desktop templates are the Intel Arc Pro A40 and the Intel Arc Pro A50, which share the ability to work with ray tracing, graphics acceleration, and machine learning, among other related tasks. According to the manufacturer, while the A40 model occupies a single slotthe A50 will occupy two, but on the other hand, it brings more performance in TFLOPs (4.80against the 3.50 of the lower model).

The model Arc Pro A30 is intended for use on laptops and shares the A40 model’s 3.50 TFLOP processing capacity. Another difference is in relation to its total memory, which is 4GB GDDR6while in the other models the quantity offered is 6 GB GDDR6.

Arc Pro lineup supports AV1 codec

While they don’t offer the same raw processing power as specialized gaming GPUs, the new hardware options have been tuned to ensure maximum benefit from professional applications. Intel says the models will arrive ready to work with the AV1 codeca royalty-free option created by Google to compete with the HEVC format.

According to the manufacturer, the boards have official certification. DirectX 12 Ultimate, OpenCL and VulkanDolby Vision technology support and capabilities to work with resolutions up to 8K (7680×4320) at 60 GHz. The products also have official support for software such as handbreak, Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve Studiosas well as the technologies Video Enhance AI and Gigapixel AI.

Intel so far did not disclose the price or launch strategy of the line Arc Pro, but its recent track record indicates that it will prioritize working with OEMs and system developers. The first public exhibitions of the new devices will take place later this week on space occupied by Intel in the SIGGRAP eventH, which takes place between the 8th and 11th of August.


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