“I’ve never seen in 50 years of football”; Zico brings backstage about ‘assault’ and Flamengo’s controversies

O Flamengo enters the field this Tuesday (9), being able to lose by up to 1 goal difference, which even with the defeat, advances to the next phase, but wants to beat Corinthians again and arrive with morale in the semifinals. The team led by Dorival Júnior comes very packed, while the opponent lives a more turbulent moment, with some suspicions.

Speaking precisely of Liberators, a subject that was always considered hot was discussed again, especially by a name that was in the field: on August 21, 1981, at Serra Dourada, in Goiânia, Rubro-Negro faced Atlético-MG for the continental competition, in a match that did not even ‘end’ and was marked in history, specifically by the revolt of the miners.

in that gamereferee José Roberto Wright expelled 5 players from Galo, forcing the end of the game due to lack of athletes on the white side. During an interview with the podcast “Reis da Resenha”, from “Jovem Pan Esportes”, on YouTube, Zicoidol of the Most Beloved, who was on the field, told the backstage of the match and revealed controversial lines by the referee before starting to distribute red cards to the miners.

No, no reason (for the athleticans to say that Wright decided the game), and they don’t even have to think that we were happy with that. We played two wonderful games, Flamengo and Atlético, both in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, both were 2-2, games. Whoever won that game would, for sure, be the Libertadores champion for the other teams that we saw there”began by saying.

Something happened that I have never seen in my 50 years of football. A referee will call both teams, call the captains to be able to ‘go there and tell your team that the first foul someone makes from behind, I’ll send off, there’s no more yellow card’. Because the game was bad here and there, they played ball, but it was violent. 5 minutes after the game restarted, Reinaldo gives me a scissors from behind, I looked and said ‘f***, it could be everyone but you, man’. I was still in Flamengo’s field, if I was there, in danger, but not there. And then he (Wright) kicked him out. He warned. And we, captains, who were me and (Toninho) Cerezo, or Chicão, I don’t know, let us know. The game stopped for us to talk to our players, I’ve never seen that. And then there’s a fault there, the guy says things there in the field that, if he had lip reading, then the people would give him reason“, he continued.

“They deserved it. The first three, the other two didn’t, they went away to not have a game anymore, that’s different”he said, before concluding.

It irritates because that’s not what made Flamengo champion (of Libertadores). And Wright has a Bangu x Fluminense bid, which a lot of people said he was tricolor, that a very clear penalty from Vica on Cláudio Adão, in the last minute of the game, Fluminense was winning 1-0, he didn’t give it, he ordered it to follow the game and, to this day, they say he favored Fluminense. He was refereeing at that time in another state, not in Rio de Janeiro. He was not a referee from Rio de Janeirofinished.

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