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Although many people think that having children is part of the natural cycle of life, not everyone has this desire to leave an heir around here… Some celebrities speak openly about their decision not to have children. and are often judged by such a choice. See some celebrities who chose not to be mothers. 👇

Jennifer Aniston and Oprah Winfrey decided not to have children – Photo: Getty Images/Leon Benett/Instagram

The “Friends” actress is one of the strongest names that come to mind when it comes to not having children. She has spoken about it several times and reinforces the pressure and criticism she has always suffered because she doesn’t want to face motherhood.

While married to actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley said she didn’t want to have children because the “Earth is spoiled”. “We know the Earth won’t take it. Until I’m sure my son can live on an Earth with fish in the water, I’m not going to bring someone else into the world to deal with it,” he explained.

In an interview with the magazine Joyce Pascowitch, in 2014, the actress explained the reason that made her make this decision. “I wanted to have my friends, my work, make my trips… I kept putting it off and it ended up not happening. Once I choose, I don’t brood over or look at others”

One of the biggest presenters in the USA, Oprah Winfrey also chose not to have heirs. According to the journalist, she is a very stressed person and, therefore, believes that she would not be a good mother to her children.

The actress also reveals that she preferred to dedicate herself to her career, to her friends, and that she directed her “mother’s instinct” to these areas. “Honestly, it was never a dream. I think a woman is born with this maternal instinct, but in my case, dedication and affection are for my career, my friends, life. I’m a very dedicated and loving person with whom lives with me”, he told in an interview with Faces.

With a career spanning over 35 years and married for over 30 years, Totia also chose not to have children. The actress has already joked that she has 19 nephews and is very happy with the decision.

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