Job to “sleep” pays R$ 5 thousand in salary to try mattress in Brazil

This is literally a dream job! A mattress company is looking for people to sleep at work and pays a handsome salary of R$ 5 thousand for that.

The profession of “sleep specialist” was created by the startup Emma Colchões. And the requirements to participate in the selection are simple: you must be Brazilian, over 18 and of course, love to sleep!

But it’s not about getting little sleep. To apply for the job, you need to sleep 8 hours a day and still be creative and a frequent user of social networks.

sleep specialist

The successful candidate will sign a 3-month contract.

In addition to testing all the company’s mattresses, the chosen one will be responsible for posting experiences and opinions on social media at least once a week throughout the contract.

“We believe that a great day starts with a good night’s sleep, so we are dedicated to developing the best solutions and technologies capable of recharging the necessary energy that everyone needs to achieve the best version of themselves. Basically, a good night’s sleep is transformative and we can prove it”, said Caio Abibe, country manager of Emma Colchões in Brazil, in a statement.

Present in more than 30 countries, Emma Colchões earned 645 million euros (R$ 3.3 billion, at the current price) in 2021, an increase of 59% compared to the previous year.

how to apply

To apply, you must send a video to this linkuntil August 21, answering the following question:

“Why should I be chosen to be a sleep expert by Emma?”

The video must be recorded vertically and be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

Good luck guys! Ah, warn that sleepy friend! LOL

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