Leandro Lo case: family says murder suspect knew the fighter – São Paulo

Relatives of the World Champion jiu-jitsu Leandro Lokilled with a head shot last Sunday, 7, they claim that the suspect knew the fighter. According to the relatives, military police officer Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo acted in a premeditated way at Clube Sírio, in the south of São Paulo, a circumstance that still needs to be clarified by the police investigation.

“The person who did this to him knows him. The person has already gone for it, we just don’t know why, because there’s no explanation of the stupid way it happened. He caused a mess for Leandro to react and in that he took my son’s life “, said the mother, Fátima Lo, 48 years old. This is the same feeling as Sister Amanda Lo. “For sure, he knew my brother. We just hope that justice is done,” she said.

The fighter’s body was buried this Monday afternoon, 8, at Morumby Cemetery, south of the city. The Civil Police of São Paulo arrested military police officer Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo after the court ordered his temporary detention for 30 days. The PM is named as the author of the shot that killed Leandro Lo.

Photos posted on social media show the suspect wearing a kimono. The São Paulo Jiu Jitsu Federation does not confirm whether he is a federated athlete. The entity estimates that the State has 1 million fighters – of the total, only 40 thousand are affiliated.

According to the lawyer for Lo’s family, Ivã Siqueira Junior, the fighter had an argument with the PM at Clube Sírio, during a concert by the group. Pixote. To calm the situation, Lo immobilized the man who, after walking away, drew a gun and shot the fighter once in the head.

Fighter in the master category and partner of Leandro Lo in the merger of two academies to try to make the professionalization of athletes possible, businessman Daniel Root, 48 years old, points out the stigmatization that the sport faces in Brazilian society.

“In my time, it was much worse. The jiu-jitsu fighter was rowdy and quarrelsome. What happens with Leandro is common. We are challenged all the time just because of our stereotype. We look like a fighter, our ear is of fighter, our tattoos. We are provoked, in the clubs, in the shows, everywhere”, he says.

Family members and practitioners claim that the crime of which Leandro was a victim is not related to the philosophy of the sport. “Jiu-jitsu has become known for the wrong way, for the use of the hand. The hand is the last thing we use in jiu-jitsu. It has no punch. It has become known as a violent sport, but it is not violent.” , says Otávio de Almeida Junior, president of the São Paulo Jiu Jitsu Federation.

The report did not locate those responsible for defending the policeman, who remains in prison.

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