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LG announced on Monday (8) its first Bluetooth headset capable of tracking head movements to hear 3D audio in any content. The Tone Free T90 will be launched at the end of August at a price of US$ 230 (R$ 1,175, in direct conversion and without taxes) and will have a case with UV Nano antibacterial technology and a P2 cable input, in addition to active noise cancellation and battery life up to nine hours.

The technology that tracks the Tone Free T90’s head is the same as that of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, called Dolby Head Tracking. It can recalibrate the three-dimensional sound channels as the head moves. In this way, the user will always be at the center of the hearing, increasing the sensation of immersion. There is no information about release in Brazil.

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LG Tone Free T90 lets you use the Dolby Head Tracking feature on any content — Photo: Disclosure/LG

The difference is that, according to LG, the new wireless headset will be the world’s first with an audio virtualizer developed by Dolby especially for earbuds. This feature is very similar to what Apple already does something with its Spatial Sound in the AirPods and Beats wireless headphones, in which software can simulate the three-dimensional effect of sound.

The Tone Free T90 still has extra features in the case. The case has UV Nano technology, which promises to eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria present in the phone during charging. In addition, it also works as a Bluetooth transmitter. Thus, it is possible to connect the case to a wired source (such as a TV or a treadmill, for example) using the P2 input and send the sound to the Tone Free T90.

In addition, the wireless headset features active noise cancellation technology, a battery of up to 9 hours of continuous playback and an additional 18 hours of charge in the case, and equalization signed by the audio brand Meridian, a long-time partner of LG. Finally, there is still the IPX4 certificate against water splashes.

LG Tone Free Fit is ideal for athletes — Photo: Disclosure / LG

In addition to the Tone Free T90, LG also announced the Bluetooth headset Tone Free Fit (TF8), aimed at those who practice physical activities. It doesn’t have Dolby Head Tracking, but it has active noise cancellation, a case with UV Nano and P2 input, up to ten hours of battery life and IP67 certification against water and dust.

with information from The Verge and Engadget

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