Man jumps down giant slide and gets bruises after ‘falling wrong’

A man who made a series of jumps on a giant slide at a water park in France has gained more than 40 million views after posting videos of the “feats” on TikTok.

In one of the images, the acrobat, who has the stage name of “La Mascotte”, jumps from a roof onto the slide and falls “badly” into the water. After the fame of the images, he returned to use the nets to show bruises from the jump that went wrong.

In a 12-second video, posted on social media on Wednesday (3), the man shows a large bruise on his left leg and part of his waist.

The comments on the acrobat’s posts were divided between those who were impressed with the jumps and those who criticized his actions, stating that they only served to “collect likes”.

“I hope you have taken out life insurance,” says one of the followers. “Man, you’re legendary,” says another.

The video’s fame was such that the park in which the jumps were recorded had to publicly comment.

In a statement sent to British portal LADbible, Frenzy Palace said the images were taken during a jumping competition in “early August”. The company also explained that all participants signed disclaimers before attending the event.

The park also reported that the slide was not open to the general public, but to competitors on the day the video was recorded.

The acrobat also spoke to the British portal and clarified that despite the bruises, he did not suffer serious injuries during the competition.

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