Miner loses BRL 500,000 in video card fire

In a post made last week (4), a cryptocurrency miner who did not want to be identified revealed that his mining farm was entirely consumed by fire at the end of last year. According to the story, the installation had 90 graphics cards that turned to ash after the rig caught fire.

according to the website livecoinswhich released the images, the miner explained that the equipment had a processing capacity of 9.5 GH/s, which suggests that it was 90 Nvidia RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 GPUs, leading to estimated loss at around R$500,000without taking into account the other equipment.

Although the first suspicion for the fire fell on the heat generated by the overheating of the GPUs, the victim assures that it was winter in his country at the time of the event. He says he posted the material “to let you know that I took almost every precaution in terms of heat, I had a lot of fans and exhaust fans” that helped to accelerate the firesaid the miner.

What caused the fire on the mining farm?

Source: Anonymous, disclosed by Livecoins/Reproduction.Source: Anonymous, disclosed by Livecoins/Reproduction.Source: Anonymous

Since the fire did not start in the GPUs which, as shown in the previous photos, were cooled 24 hours a day, the source may have been in the wiring.

The owner of the installation himself recognizes that “the flame started somewhere near the power supply and not the video card. I didn’t turn on the video card with [cabos] SATA, but the riser [extensão PCI Express] yes, and it was working that way for a year!”.

The statement indicates that the source of the fire may have been the overheating and melting of the SATA cables, whose maximum load power is 54W, which could have been resolved with the purchase of Molex cables, equipment it costs about $20 and supports 75W.

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