My Collective Unconscious discusses Rue, by Euphoria – 05/08/2022 – Podcasts

What can be the role of drugs for an individual and the place he occupies in society? This is the theme of the new episode of My Collective Unconscious. After focusing on great characters in literature, Tati Bernardi takes outstanding protagonists of series and films to the divan.

This Friday (5), the podcast is about Rue, a character played by Zendaya in the HBO series “Euphoria”, and who she is with and without drugs. The guest is Rodrigo Alencar, author of “The Hunger of the Soul: psychoanalysis, drugs and politics in modernity”.

Listen to the episode:

“The substance comes in as a kind of additive for you to sustain a social place. Like an on-off switch: if it’s very difficult at work, take a sleeping pill and then take it to wake up… so you don’t drop the shuttlecock “, says Rodrigo. “In Rue’s case, we have another clinical picture in which she becomes someone through the drug. In other words, it’s not that the drug supports some other identity: she wears the identity of the noia to circulate in the world. And without that identity, it is completely lost.”

Psychoanalysts Marielle Kellermann Barbosa, Maíra Marcondes Moreira, Renally Xavier, Clarice Pimentel Paulon, Rafael Alves Lima, João Haddad and Fabiane Secches also participate in the season.

Characters from “Girls”, “Fleabag”, “Scenes from a Wedding”, “A Friend Genial” and from the movie “Parasite” will also be on the couch of the fifth season of Meu Unconsciente Coletivo.

New episodes of the podcast are published on Fridays at 8 am. The first four seasons of Meu Unconsciente Coletivo are also available on the main apps. They deal with topics such as separation, anxiety, imposter syndrome and loneliness in motherhood.

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