Nahuel Ferraresi arrived, 47 days late. Rogério Ceni’s bad luck – 08/09/2022

Venezuelan defender Nahuel Ferrarezi arrived yesterday (August 8) in Cumbica. He will undergo medical examinations, sign a contract and be ready to play for São Paulo.

At least 47 days late.

He comes to replace Arboleda, who was injured on June 23. The next day, ligament rupture was found. And the prediction that he will only return to play next season.

Rogério Ceni likes to play with three defenders. Without Arboleda, he was left with only Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo, in addition to the promising Luizão and Beraldo.

The sequence of games was cruel and he had to resort to rotation, so as not to have injured defenders. Against Internacional, he climbed the two youngsters. In goal, another young man, Thiago Couto.


Jandrei was injured against Fluminense and there was no experienced reserve. There should be, after all Volpi had left two months ago. Only then, Felipe Alves, reserve of Juventude, was hired.

The board’s slowness in seeking quick solutions to serious and urgent problems harms the coach’s work and the team’s performance.

Ferraresi and Bustos cannot play against Ceará, for South America. Just in the next phase. If São Paulo is in it.

You cannot compare São Paulo with other teams. Financial availability is much lower. It takes creativity, as in the case of Bustos and Ferraresi’s loans with Grupo City.

But what good is creativity with slowness. You will always be late. It will be the vanguard of backwardness.

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