Nike vetoes Bolsonaro, Lula and Tebet names on Brazil shirt

On the pre-sales website, it is not possible to customize the Brazilian team uniform with the names of pre-candidates for the Planalto.

Nike vetoed the customization of the new uniform of the Brazilian team with the names of the main pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic. On the shirt pre-sale website, it is not possible to add the names Lula, Bolsonaro, Ciro Gomes and Tebet.

In addition, words like “socialism”, “myth” and “communism” are also unavailable. There is no veto on the names of other candidates for the Planalto, such as Eymael and Vera Lúcia.

In a note, the company said that “it does not allow customizations with words that may contain any religious, political, racist or even profanity. This system is periodically updated in order to cover as many words as possible that fit this rule.”.

The supplier of sports equipment to the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) started this Monday (8.8.2022) the pre-sale of shirts that will be used by Brazilian athletes in the 2022 World Cup, based in Qatar. The site even showed instability earlier.

The adult shirt with the embroidered shield is sold at R$ 349.99. The children’s version costs R$ 299.99.

Nike allows names of up to 10 characters to be filled in, at an additional cost of R$14.99. The numbering, in turn, costs R$ 19.99. Only those who are registered on the site can make the purchase.

Here are some prints with names vetoed by Nike:

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