Now NASA comes: FusGol is 2 in 1 car that VW should have launched – 09/08/2022

The Beetle and Gol are among the most sold and beloved cars in the history of Brazil. A fan of the duo produced by Volkswagen, a 62-year-old tinker decided to combine the two cars into one, transforming his 1982 Beetle with his own hands in his workshop, in Cambuci – a neighborhood in the central region of the city of São Paulo.

With 45 years of experience in the profession, Jair Ferreira Lopes completed the FusGol project in 2009, two years after starting the project. It was necessary to take advantage of the spare time and use a lot of metal to combine vehicles with such a different look. The result draws attention on the streets and, so creative, it could be studied by scientists at NASA, the US space agency.

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VW FusGol unites the two most beloved cars in Brazil

“I started the transformation after buying the car with the back knocked down. I had already transformed a 1974 Ford Corcel that I had and the idea came up of doing the same with the Beetle”, says Lopes for the report by UOL Cars.

According to the tinker, it all started with the front, which he decided to modify with headlights and grille from the Gol G3. To fit it into the Beetle’s rounded body, it was necessary to make a series of adaptations, which included shortening the hood and also changing the fenders.

FusGol lateral - Alessandro Reis/UOL - Alessandro Reis/UOL

Where are the knobs? Opening and closing of the FusGol doors takes place via remote control

Image: Alessandro Reis/UOL

The auxiliary headlights fitted to the bumper came from a Chevrolet Corsa.

“The process was such a hit and miss, what I spent on sheet metal was ignorance. When it didn’t look good, I threw it away and started all over again. Only the footboard and the airfoil above the rear window are fiberglass . The rest is all sheet metal remodeled in the hammer”, explains the artisan.

Jair points out that the body parts that resulted in the creation of the FusGol do not come from another car and were modeled exclusively for him – including the wraparound bumpers, which are also made of metal.

According to Lopes, the rear, which displays a kind of wing that crosses the engine cover and extends into the fenders, was the most difficult part of the project. The round lanterns, he explains, come from a truck.

FusGol rear - Alessandro Reis/UOL - Alessandro Reis/UOL

According to the creator and owner of the VW FusGol, the rear was the part of the car that gave the most work

Image: Alessandro Reis/UOL

“Unbelievably, the rear gave more work precisely because of the difficulty of leaving everything well aligned. I am very detail-oriented and many people ask me if the car is original”, he comments, proudly.

The most attentive will notice that the side doors do not have a handle: on the FusGol, they are electrically locked and unlocked, using a remote control.

Another differential of the model is the light alloy wheels with yellow details, reproducing the striking tone of the bodywork: they come from a Gol GTI, says the professional.

Inside, the car has Fiat Stilo seats, while the steering wheel and gearshift are sporty.

Indoor FusGol - Alessandro Reis/UOL - Alessandro Reis/UOL

Interior of the FusGol has Fiat Stilo seats, as well as a sporty steering wheel and gearshift knob.

Image: Alessandro Reis/UOL

Jair Ferreira Lopes reports that there were no modifications to the structural part, while the air-cooled engine is also original – the only changes are the simpler, more compact carburetor and the new alternator. Lopes also put disc brakes on the front axle.

“People always appear criticizing, but I want to see them do better. There are other modified Beetles out there, but the look has nothing to do with it”, concludes the owner of FusGol, which he wants to sell “with heartache” for around R$ 40 grand to pay off a debt.

NASA people, stay tuned: Lopes is already working on his next creation, a Chevrolet Chevette with Ford Ranger headlights.

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