Nubank: Learn how to change the PIX limit via the app

O Nubank has a PIX-related function that is still unknown to many fintech customers. This is the adjustment of the limit of the amount to be transferred by the application.

Digital banking users can adjust the limits through the “My Pix Limits” tab. The purpose of Nubank with the launch of the tool is to make customers more secure in their financial transactions.

How to change the PIX limit on Nubank?

  • On the Nuabnk app home screen, click on “Pix Area”;
  • Then click on “Configure Pix” and then on “My Pix Limits”;
  • Select “Edit” and set the desired limits;
  • Enter your password to confirm the operation and that’s it.

It is important to remember that some procedures, such as this for example, require bank analysis. Therefore, for the change to take effect, the user must wait between 24 to 48 hours for approval.

Nubank trust list

Currently, the pix is one of the most used means of transferring values ​​in financial institutions. However, in order to avoid scams, the Central Bank stipulated a limit value for transactions carried out from specific times through the tool, which left many people dissatisfied.

O Nubank, therefore, launched a new service on its platform, in order to meet the demand of users who wish to carry out transactions in high amounts. The new service is about Trust Listwhich indicates contacts that allow transfers and payment of bills in high amounts.

How does the Nubank Trust List work?

The tool, which was recently released, allows the application user to register their closest or most frequent contacts, to carry out transactions at any time, without a limit value.

To register contacts on the trust list of the Nubank It’s quite simple. On the home page of the application, the user must access the “PIX area” and click on “Settings”. Then, you must click on “Trusted List” and add the contacts of your choice.

The registration of the list is passed through an analysis of the digital bank, which can take from 24 to 48 hours for approval.

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