Nubank’s new function can increase the card limit by up to BRL 5,000

Here’s a step-by-step guide to manually increasing your Nubank credit limit.

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Nubank’s new feature offers its customers the opportunity to manually increase their credit card limit to up to BRL 5,000. This function came to guarantee greater purchasing power and works in such a way that the customer himself indicates the how much do you want to add at the limit of the card.

Nubank customers who intend to increase the limit can do so by transforming the available balance in the digital account into a credit limit. For example, anyone who needs R$500 to make a specific purchase, simply deposit the amount in Nu Conta and reserve it as a limit on the card.

Once the transaction is made, the amount will be unavailable for use until the card statement is paid. When paying the invoice, the customer will have access to the balance again and will be able to choose whether to leave it as a limit on the card or in the form of money in the account.

According to information released by Nubank, it is possible to use a balance of up to BRL 5 thousand in the function that allows the customer to build a limit on the credit card.

If the invoice is not paid, the company can use the amount from the account balance for payment. In this situation, extra amounts are charged, such as fines, interest and IOF.

How to activate the function

Follow the steps to activate the new function that allows you to transform your account balance into a credit card limit:

  • Access the Nubank app (available for Android and iOS);
  • When doing so, tap on the credit cards menu;
  • Then tap on the option “adjust limit“;
  • Next, tap on the “reserve as limit” and enter the amount you want to reserve on your credit card.

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