PM accused of killing fighter Leandro Lo idealized project against domestic violence in São Paulo

Military police officer Henrique Otávio Oliveira Velozo, accused of having jiu-jitsu world champion Leandro Lo killed during a fight at a club in the south of São Paulo, he conceived a project of the corporation, in 2019, called Segunda Força, which aimed to teach martial arts to women so that they could defend themselves in episodes of domestic violence.

In an interview published on the social networks of the São Paulo State Military Officers Association, Defenda PM, on December 9, 2019, Henrique states that he has been practicing martial arts since he was a child and idealized the project, mainly, to teach defense techniques. personal to women.

“I had the idea and started sketching the project. When Colonel Fábio took charge of the Military School, he gave opportunities for ideas for social projects, and I presented mine”, he said.

He also states that he decided to combine self-defense knowledge with emotional intelligence. “I understood that this could improve the defense,” he explained.

At the time, according to the PM, 13 women participated in the project. The initial limit was 20 people, as the course was a “pilot”. O R7 contacted Defenda PM to find out if the accused is still part of the association and details about his participation in the project, but so far, he has not received a response.

Henrique Velozo underwent a custody hearing on Monday afternoon (8) at the Barra Funda Criminal Court, in the west of the capital, and the judge understood that he must remain stuck for the death of fighter Leandro Lo. The lieutenant was sent to the Romão Gomes prison.

Leandro Lo was confirmed brain dead after being shot in the head by the PM during a show at Esporte Clube Sírio. According to the victim’s mother, Fátima Lo, the lieutenant, being a jiu-jitsu fighter, knew Leandro. The family members suspect that Henrique intended to provoke the victim and acted in a premeditated way.

Conviction in 2017 for assault

According to a document from the TJM (Military Court of Justice), the policeman was off duty when punched his fellow in uniform Flávio Alves Ferreirawho was working in the early hours of October 27, 2017, the date of the event.

Henrique Velozo and his cousin Lury Oliveira Nascimento frequented The Week nightclub. A group of seven people started to argue with Iury and, at one point, they went after the victim and Henrique. Both were injured.

Those involved were expelled from the club, and the Military Police were called. Police officer Flávio Alves Ferreira, who was attending to the incident, pulled away, with one arm, from Henrique, who punched him in the face. The off-duty officer, who appeared to be intoxicated, also defied other officers at the scene.

On September 15, 2020, Henrique was tried and acquitted in the first instance, as the aggressions were not evident on Flávio’s body. However, he was tried in the second instance after an appeal by the Public Ministry of São Paulo, this time with videos that proved the aggressions.

The policeman was sentenced to serve nine months in an open regime, which began on July 20 of this year.

*Intern under the supervision of Fabíola Perez

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