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A new scenario brings many doubts. With the sale of 70% of SAF do Vasco to 777 Partners, public interest in the subject has grown dramatically in recent weeks. The ge consulted Google to understand what the Vasco fans have been looking for on the subject.

Interest in “Vasco SAF” rose 40% in Brazil compared to the last 24 hours with the previous period. already the “SAF football” grew +560% in this period. The new times of football with company-clubs are already a reality and, therefore, the increase in internet users’ search. Since the announcement of the acquisition of SAF do Cruzeiro by Ronaldo Fenômeno at the end of last year, Brazilian clubs have seen in the SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) the light at the end of the tunnel to get out of the financial crisis.

Questions from Internet users to Google about Vasco’s SAF — Photo: Infoesporte

In the last 12 months in Brazil, the most asked questions on the subject were: What is SAF? What is SAF in football? What does SAF mean? Basically, the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) is what allowed football clubs to become a company. SAF was born from Law No. 14,193 of 2021.

With this movement to transform the non-profit association into a corporation, the clubs now have the management of a business group, with advantages in the tax, fiscal and labor spheres. Besides, of course, the injection of money to solve financial problems.

Specialist in SAF, Vitor Lopes explained that the football department will undergo major changes from now on and that the new management model will attract greater investments for the operation of Vasco football.

– The injection of new resources, under the terms of the investment agreement carried out between the parties, in the amount of R$ 700 million reais tend to start a situation of reversal of the difficult economic and financial situation that is currently breaking out in Vasco’s football, which leads to believe that better days will certainly come for the Vasco fan – said Villemor Amaral’s lawyer.

Vasco fans celebrate the sale of SAF — Photo: Disclosure

According to Google Trends, the most searched soccer teams next to “SAF” in the last 12 months in Brazil were, respectively: Vasco, Cruzeiro, Botafogo, Bahia and Flamengo. With the exception of Flamengo, all the others are already or are on the way to becoming companies.

Below, Google Trends has detailed the five most asked questions in the last 24 hours regarding Vasco SAF. For example, “What is SAF Vasco?” and the 2nd most searched question about Cruz-Maltino in the last 24 hours. This is also the question with the highest growth about Vasco for the period, with 700% high.

In addition to SAF, other terms related to the sale also appear among the most searched terms, including “Vasco rico” and “who bought Vasco”. See below the most asked questions about the sale of the Cruz-Maltino SAF in the last 24 hours in Brazil and the respective answers on the topic:

Vasco’s SAF is the club’s company format. The CNPJ will be opened in the coming days to register the company with the CBF to compete in the Brazilian Series B Championship and transfer football assets, employees and shares. The forecast is that the bureaucracy will take between 10 and 15 days.

With the approval of the partners last Sunday, the administrative board gained the necessary support to operationalize the constitution of VASCO DA GAMA SOCIEDADE ANÔNIMA DO FUTEBOL (“Vasco da Gama SAF” or “Vasco SAF”).

What changes with the sale of Vasco?

Vasco’s football department is now managed and controlled by 777 Partners, in a professional manner, with the Vasco da Gama association as a relevant minority partner. The 777 has informally assumed control since last Monday, but this is still a transition period.

From now on, Vasco’s football will follow a company pattern, with clearer responsibilities to its administrators and holders who exercise its control.

Carlos Roberto Osório, 1st General VP of Vasco, shows CT Moacyr Barbosa to 777 Partners executives — Photo: Caio Lima / CRVG

How much was Vasco bought for?

777 bought 70% of SAF definitively and committed to invest R$700 million for 70% of SAF – 30% remained with Vasco – and to assume the club’s R$700 million debt.

How much did Vasco earn on the sale of the team?

By contract, R$ 700 million must be invested in football over the next three years. Of this total, R$ 70 million was advanced as a bridge loan, approved by the Deliberative Council in March. That part of the money has already been used by the club.

The forecast is that the 777 will still inject R$ 120 million in 2022. This amount will be used to pay salary sheets, in the expansion and modernization of CT Moacyr Barbosa – the priority this year is the fields – and in hiring. As this money will hardly be used in this window, most of the amount will be for December, in the possible return of the club to Serie A.

The rest of the money will be invested until 2026. From 2027, the investment will depend on sports performance. If Vasco wins important titles and achieves goals, 777 will have to make a fixed minimum investment, corrected by the IPCA. If it does not have satisfactory performance on the field, the company will have to keep the club among the top five budgets in Brazilian football.

777 should contribute even more 120 million reais to Vasco by the end of 2022 — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

What changes in Vasco with SAF?

The 777 took control of Vasco football. Vasco becomes part of a global group of 777 football clubs, alongside Genoa (ITA), Standart Liège (BEL) and Red Star (FRA). Don Dransfield, former City group, is the holding company’s CEO. Below him, Johannes Spors holds the position of global director of football. Characters who will have an active participation in Vasco’s decisions, but will not be in the day to day.

In terms of governance, VASCO SAF’s Board of Directors will be composed of 7 members, 2 of which are appointed by the Vasco da Gama association and another 5 by 777 Partners, one of them being the chairman. Vasco SAF’s Supervisory Board is now composed of 3 members, with two members appointed by 777 Partners and one member appointed by the Vasco da Gama association.

Paulo Bracks, who has passed through América-MG and Inter, will be the executive director of football. He had already been working alongside manager Carlos Brazil in recent weeks, but as of this week he should definitely take over the portfolio. There is caution on the part of the company, which should only announce news in its structure after the conclusion of the bureaucratic procedures and signatures for the official creation of the SAF.

The current strongman of Vasco football, Carlos Brazil is still at Vasco, at least at this first moment. He still does not have a defined position, but the expectation is that he will work alongside Paulo Bracks.

Vasco SAF organization chart — Photo: Infoesporte

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