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A long-awaited news was announced by the Whatsapp this Tuesday, 9th. It’s about the launch of the resource that allows to hide the “online” that appears in the accounts. This is a long-awaited option for messenger users who want to be “invisible” while accessing the application.

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The implementation of the novelty is being released gradually, with availability for all WhatsApp users later this month. In addition, the app will also allow people to leave groups without everyone knowing, in addition to blocking the screenshot (printscreen) in single-view messages.

The positive point is that all changes will be activated automatically, without having to change account settings. Find out how to do that below!

How to become invisible and eye “online” status on WhatsApp

One tool that users want is to hide the “online” status. Until then, whenever the application was opened, the access notice was visible to all contacts. With the update, it will be possible to define who will see this information.

Check out the step-by-step guide below to hide the “online” from your WhatsApp account:

  1. Open WhatsApp;
  2. Then go to settings, and select “Account“;
  3. Then tap on the option “Privacy“;
  4. Go in “Last seen and online“;
  5. Then define who can see the “last seen” (“All”, “My contacts”, “My contacts except…” and “Nobody”);
  6. At the end, choose who can see the “online” (all or the same option chosen in “last seen”).

After hiding the “online” and “last seen” status of the account, the user also stops seeing this same information in other people’s accounts.

It is worth remembering that the release of resources happens gradually, gradually. Therefore, it is important to always keep the application updated to have access to the news first hand.

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