short video app guarantees payments of up to R$150.00, find out if it’s reliable

Recently, Brazilian youtubers started to promote the Lucky Tok app. According to influencers, the platform is paying BRL 150 “quickly” in 2022. To earn money, users only need to watch short videos and check-in daily on the platform. Sounds promising, right? But does the app really pay?

If you want to make money online, be careful. A great tip is to always be suspicious of the promises of Brazilian youtubers. After all, the intention of influencers is also to profit and expand their own income. With that in mind, check out our review of Lucky Tok below and see if the app is actually paying.

Is LuckyTok worth it? Image: Disclosure

Lucky Tok – Meet the Video App

Firstly, Lucky Tok is only available on the Play Store. In other words, the app only works on phones with the Android operating system. As the title suggests, the style of the platform is very similar to that of TikTok. However, she is relatively unknown. Currently, only 10,000 people have downloaded the app from Google Play. LuckyTok is the project of a Chinese company (located in Chenzhou), but it is also available in Portuguese for Brazilian users.

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How to make money on Lucky Tok? Is it possible to withdraw $150?

To earn money on Lucky Tok, according to the app’s official page, users must watch videos. The platform has videos of the most diverse themes, and each of them has a specific score. In other words, subscribers must watch the videos, accumulate points, reach the minimum withdrawal amount, and eventually request payments.

Unfortunately, the official Lucky Tok page does not reveal the minimum withdrawal amount. What is known is that the promise of “quick profit of R$ 150” is completely exaggerated, and only serves to draw the attention of potential users. Remember that micro-task apps are only meant to secure a few bucks for subscribers, not to make them rich or offer significant profits.

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Is LuckyTok Trustworthy? Really paid platform?

The Lucky Tok app, according to the comments of Brazilian users on the Play Store, actually pays. According to subscriber reviews, the platform fulfills its payment promises. Withdrawals, however, are very small. Even so, the app seems to be an interesting option for those who want to earn money online. Finally, take a look at some user comments below and draw your own conclusions.

“this is the best without a doubt, it pays right and the value of the diamonds to withdraw are great developers, I ask you not to change this withdrawal option, congratulations, as incredible as it seems, you are being the best video application of the top moment.” – Vanderley.

“It’s not the best video app, it lacks a lot of content from Brazil in videos, but what matters is that it pays!” – Games.

“Ugh!! These apps with penny rewards are now fashionable. Bunch of pirangueiros, they just want to profit. It’s a bunch of tasks and ads to be able to withdraw R$0.20.” – Gisele.

If you want to download the app and try your luck on the platform, the download is available at That way, you don’t have to use the registration link that youtubers share.

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. Always research before downloading or accessing any platform on your mobile.

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