The Breathe series! Is it based on real events?

The Breathe series! Is it based on real events? Discover the origin of the production that reached a good audience on Netflix

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Breathe! it took little time to reach the Netflix Top 10. In short, the milestone was reached during the opening weekend, surpassing already established content, such as Rebel, Virgin River, manifest and Stranger Things.

With comparisons with classic series of the genre, such as lost (2004) and manifest (2018), Netflix viewers questioned whether Breathe! is based on real facts. Therefore, let’s understand the origin of the series’ history and what are the inspirations for the creation.

Trailer for Breathe!


Liv Rivera (Melissa Barrera) embarks on a plane trip. However, the aircraft crashes in a remote region of Canada. Under the influence of nature, she must find a way to return home. At the same time, Liv tries to overcome past traumas.

Breathe! is under the creation of Martin Gero and Brendan Gall. Furthermore, Maggie Kiley and Rebecca Rodriguez directed the episodes. The cast has Melissa Barreraas a protagonist, and with Florence Lozano, Jeff Wilbusch, Joselyn Picard, Mike Dopud, Michelle Choi-Lee, Austin Stowellbetween others.

After all, the Breathe series! Is it based on real events?

Well, the Breathe series! no is based on real facts. Therefore, the merit of the story goes entirely to the creators. Both bet on Canadian nature, with a sense of verisimilitude in the midst of the accident, to give a tone of thriller of plot survival.

“We really wanted, as Canadians, to bring the world to Canada as Canada, not replace it with something else. We started to get this idea of ​​trying to figure out how to take the whole world to the Canadian wilderness in a way that could also be exciting,” Gero told City News.

Therefore, the sense of reality exists due to the good ambiance that Breathe! provided. However, the plot is the result of the creativity of the creators.

Finally, Breathe! is available on Netflix. Because it is a limited series, the end of the story ends the cycles of the character. So, it is not possible to imagine a 2nd season of Breathe!. unless the Netflix and the producers see feeling in continuing the plot. In addition to, of course, conquering the public through the series.

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