The film’s cameo is revenge for Brad Pitt to have a cameo in another production

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With a strong cast, the director David Leitch returns to theaters with Brad Pitt in the lead role. However, the long Bullet train has a cameo with a curious story behind it. Ryan Reynoldsbetter known as the Deadpoolmade a brief appearance in the film and, according to the producer Kelly McCormickthe scene was a kind of “revenge” for Brad Pitt to have a cameo in deadpool 2.

One of the surprises of the sequel Deadpool, also directed by David Leitch, was the unexpected presence of Brad Pitt. For those who don’t remember, the actor plays vanisheran invisible member of the X-Force. The character only has his face revealed when he is electrocuted to death during the team’s first mission.

Already in Bullet train, Ryan Reynolds appears at the end of the film as a murderer for about two seconds. And, according to Kelly McCormick, his participation was a way of “avenge” from Brad for showing up in deadpool 2.

“Revenge for Brad Pitt being in Deadpool 2 for two seconds”McCormick told indiewire. “And the goal was for it to last exactly as long. That, of course, is what Ryan Reynolds wanted, he loves working with David Leitch and we always miss each other because he is so busy and so is David.”

Previously, Brad commented that his participation in the mercenary movie was one of the things “more easy” who already did. The actor also commented that he accepted the joke, in large part, because of the friendship he cultivated with David, when the director was still his stunt double in Fight Clubin 2004.

Brad Pitt as Vanisher in Deadpool 2

McCormick also revealed that Ryan didn’t even interact with Brad or anyone else in the world. set of footage. On the contrary, the actor’s scene was filmed while doing The Adam Projectmovie of Netflix.

“We sent him an outfit and some helmets for him to choose”McCormick explained. “And then they filmed it and sent it to us. David watched it and said, ‘Do this version’ or offered some suggestions. They were literally working together remotely while we were making our movie and they were making theirs, which was pretty cool.”

Described as an action movie with five assassins on a moving bullet train, Bullet train is a little bit of everything the director brought in Deadpool. In the cast, in addition to Brad Pitt, we have Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Karen Fukuhara and much more.

Bullet train It is only available in cinemas.

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