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The trailer for “A Ticket to Paradise” was released today, a film that brings Julia Roberts and George Clooney back to the big screen. The plot revolves around the duo, divorced parents, trying to convince their daughter not to impulsively marry. Kaitlyn Dever stars as Lily, the daughter of the couple whose graduate trip to Bali ends with an unexpected engagement.

The film marks Julia Roberts’ return to romantic comedies – and it’s also the duo’s first work since 2016’s Money Game.

The actress, who hasn’t starred in her own romantic comedy since 2001, told The New York Times that quality scripts in the genre “didn’t exist” until this movie came along.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney — Photo: Reproduction/Youtube

George reiterated this sentiment, telling the deadline: “I haven’t done a romantic comedy since One Fine Day, in 1996. Julia and I ended up being mean to each other in the funniest way.” Check out the newly released trailer:

“A Ticket to Heaven” is directed by Ol Parker (from “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”) and hits US theaters in October 21stbut does not yet have a premiere date in Brazil.

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