The thrilling action movie everyone is watching on Netflix

A newcomer to Netflix’s Brazilian catalogue, Carter didn’t take long to conquer the platform’s Brazilian audience. Electrifying, intense and full of twists, the South Korean action thriller already appears in prominent positions in the Top 10 of streaming.

Produced in South Korea, Carter is directed and scripted by filmmaker Jung Byung-gil, known for films such as The Villainess.

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Although he’s having the biggest hit on Netflix, Carter has failed to win over the critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film only has a 30% approval rating.

Even so, Carter caught the attention of the Brazilian audience on Netflix. Check out everything you need to know about the film’s plot and cast below.

What is Carter talking about on Netflix?

At the heart of Carter’s plot is an agent with no memory who ends up embroiled in a dangerous mission.

The film’s premise is already compared to other streaming successes, such as Memory of a Murder and Homunculus.

“A man wakes up with no memory. Guided by a mysterious voice coming from a device in his ear, he sets out on a dangerous rescue mission.

The film follows the story of Carter Lee, a mysterious man who wakes up with amnesia after a terrible pandemic devastates the United States and North Korea.

With no memories of the past, the protagonist embarks on a dangerous mission, following the guidance of a device in his ear.

In this complex scenario, Carter must find a way out and recover his memories – before he is caught by the CIA or the North Korean secret service.

Meet Carter’s cast on Netflix

South Korean actor Joo Won, known for performances in some of the country’s most popular k-dramas, leads Carter’s cast as the titular protagonist.

Won is in movies like Fashion King and SIU, as well as series like Alice, My Sassy Girl and Bridal Mask.

Carter’s cast also stands out for having the participation of famous actors of international cinema.

Mike Colter, famous for playing the hero Luke Cage in the Marvel series, plays the mysterious Smith.

Camilla Belle, from films like Amapola, Sem Prada Nem Nada, Diablo and Open Road, plays the seductive Agnes.

Carter’s cast also includes Lee Sung-jae (Barking Dogs Never Bite), Jung Jae-young (On the Beach at Night Alone) and Jung Hae-kyun (The Villainess).

Carter is now available in the Brazilian Netflix catalog. See the trailer below.

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