Tilt Lab Day evaluates the best headphones live, this Tuesday 9

Thinking about buying a headset for yourself? Or for your dad, as a Father’s Day gift? Wait until tomorrow (9): at 16:00, the fourth edition of Tilt Lab Day, an event of tilt which evaluates the best technology products. It will be broadcast live on the UOL YouTube channel.

The judging team has spent the last few weeks evaluating no less than 16 headphones, from 15 brands, in four categories: headphones for gym, games, music and day-to-day.

The great champion in each dispute will be announced live by the presenter and journalist Zé Luiz. The judges will also participate, telling how was their experience with the products.

To arrive at the final result, the jury gave marks from 0 to 10 for each model in four questions: sound quality; ergonomics and design; usability; and system (which encompasses features such as bluetooth and battery quality).

Check out the reviewed headphones:


JBL Endurance Race TWS

Price: BRL 507.55

JBL Endurance Race TWS headphones - Disclosure/JBL - Disclosure/JBL
Image: Publicity/JBL

Motorola VerveLoop2+

Price: BRL 215.99

Motorola VerveLoop2+ Earphone - Press Release/Motorola - Press Release/Motorola
Image: Publicity/Motorola

Philips Sport BT TAA3206BK/00

Price: BRL 203.11

Philips Sport BT Headphone TAA3206BK/00 - Disclosure/Philips - Disclosure/Philips
Image: Publicity/Philips

Edifier W280NB

Edifier W280NB Headphones - Publicity/Edifier - Publicity/Edifier
Image: Publicity/Edifier


Logitech G733

Price: BRL 1,399

Logitech G733 Headset - Disclosure/Logitech - Disclosure/Logitech
Image: Disclosure/Logitech

Corsair Void Elite Stereo

Price: BRL 598

Corsair Void Elite Stereo Headphones - Disclosure/Corsair - Disclosure/Corsair
Image: Publicity/Corsair

Warrior Rama PH219

Price: BRL 71.16

Warrior Rama PH219 headphones - Disclosure/Multilaser - Disclosure/Multilaser
Image: Publicity/Multilaser

HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Price: BRL 549.90

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Headphones - Disclosure/HyperX - Disclosure/HyperX
Image: Publicity/HyperX


Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Price: BRL 2,882.66

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Headphones - Disclosure/Sennheiser - Disclosure/Sennheiser
Image: Publicity/Sennheiser

beats studio 3

Price: BRL 2,299.99

Beats Studio 3 headphones - Disclosure/Beats - Disclosure/Beats
Image: Publicity/Beats


Edifier STAX SPIRIT S3 headphones - Publicity/Edifier - Publicity/Edifier
Image: Publicity/Edifier


LG TONE Free FP9 headphones - Disclosure/LG - Disclosure/LG
Image: Disclosure/LG

day by day

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd generation)

Price: BRL 749

Amazon Echo Buds Headset (2nd generation) - Disclosure/Amazon - Disclosure/Amazon
Image: Publicity/Amazon

Pulse Drop PH345

Price: BRL 160.90

Pulse Drop PH345 headphones - Disclosure/Multilaser - Disclosure/Multilaser
Image: Publicity/Multilaser

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Price: BRL 409

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones - Disclosure/Samsung - Disclosure/Samsung
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

Philco Air Beats

Price: BRL 288.30

Philco Air Beats Headphones - Disclosure/Philco - Disclosure/Philco
Image: Publicity/Philco

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